Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Facebook Deaddiction - Week 1

You might have guessed from the title of this post about what it is and I agree with you, deaddiction is not the right word to be used as I can see the red line below this word as shown by my spell checker, but, I am too lazy a.t.m to check the correct word so let it be. So!!! So!! So! So...., its been 1 week since I have deactivated my Facebook account to get the addiction out and its going good so far.

I do get urge multiple times a day to check my facebook account but I tried to refrain myself even type the url in the url bar, so, what did I do then? Well, whenever I felt to peek into my facebook account I open a browser and read something like local news of the county we are living in, news from India or something technical. Although the later have not started to happen more often but I still feel to do something meaningful for me instead of peeking into what others are doing around.

Note 1: Facebook gives a good option to disable your Facebook account (you might know, you cannot get rid of it once you have created the account) but you can still keep your Facebook messenger running. So, I am still reachable on Facebook messenger if any of my friend want to reach me through FB messenger.

Note 2: I know I am posting here after a  year and it is my second post here in three years.So, I would like to say "I am still alive on Blogger :-)". It is just that I got in to that mood of writing something here.

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