Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I am still alive on Blogger!

When I opened my blogger account today I noticed that its been two years and nine days now since I have posted anything here and it seems pretty obvious that this might have clearly lead to many of you think that I might have left this space or I am not writing anymore here but the truth is that today (after a long time..) I finally got in to that mood to write and post something here so thought to start with informing everyone that I am still alive on this space :)

Well, there has been a lot happened during these two years, the biggest thing happened is that I became father in Jan 2015 to a baby boy and now my son has turned into a 14 month old toddler. So, I think now you might have got a tinge of what I was into all this time except lying like a lazy lion in his cave and watching TV series all the time (of course during the time when my son was not born).

Its been many times when I logged into my account and tried to catch up with all the post from you all which I missed but then I realized that I have managed to have a such high backlog of missed posts which I will not be able to cope up or at least require 2 months of time off from work, family and everything :). So, I left the idea to catch up reading on what I have missed.

So, what now ? Well, I hope I get into the writing mood often and keep posting here, complete my saved drafts or may be discard them to shorten the backlog of drafts (such a number of backlogs I have :|) and resume writing.

So, if I was so busy during all this time then how I am posting today ? You can guess that place where you are away from your family and have your laptop with you, so yes, I am posting it from that same place.

Earlier, I tried to write couple of times but it was something which was not letting me write like sometimes my son came to me crawling, jumped on to me and pulled my laptop screen and said "tain tu"; Yes, that is what he keeps blabbering these days whole time "Tain tu... Tain tu..."; sometimes my son got himself in to a situation which needs quick attention from us like pooping in his diaper, sudden fall on the floor while walking, grabbing something (like TV remote) which he is not supposed to or simply just yelling or crying because we are not playing with him and most of the times I get so tired after office and then with my son that I even don't dare to look at my laptop and tablet... I simply land on the bed and sleep until my  LO is sleeping.

Well, many more things to share but I'll not do any promise here because I don't know when I am gonna be back here or get in to the mood to write.