Monday, August 4, 2014

TV programs in our life.

"WTF Shae!! How can you do that to IMP, he loved you, you fool!! He sent you away because he wanted to protect you from his father."

.... those were my words when I was watching fourth season of Games of Thrones. Sometimes I wonder that how come we get so much connected to the programs we watch on Television in such a way that we start discussing or expressing our opinion about a particular character or even start telling them the things as if they can hear us through the TV, lol!

Well, if this happens then it's exactly the aim of every producer of TV program to make a mark or space in its viewer's mind so that they think what next and get intrigued to watch their show again.

Sometimes, these shows gives you some phrase like "Winter is coming" or "Babaji ka thullu" which unknowingly starts coming out of your mouth when anything about that program comes across you.

I think the TV shows like Fiction, drama or comedy are more successful to connect to you because they are insanely planned and thoughted to do that but now reality TV shows has also started to grab viewer's attention or make them wonder what is gonna happen next.

I remember, last year we were watching Big Boss season 7 and we used to discuss about the inmates, although we knew that its just a damn TV show but still we were used to discuss about Armaan Kohli, Sangraam Singh and other inmates. While watching the show we formed our own opinion or perception about the different inmates and started to give our judgement about who should stay or who should get eliminated, what is wrong and what is right. I know that this due to the good work done by creative and editing team to hold of viewers to maintain their TRP.

I feel that the kind of impact one can have from TV program differs among different individuals, some watch programs just for entertainment and some watch it for information while some watch it to get inspired from it.

Whatever the purpose of watching TV is once you own it you can not refrain to turn it on.

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