Friday, July 25, 2014

Bas 5 minutes me..

Few days ago I received an one liner on Whatsapp saying that "5 minutes taken by wife to get ready is equally proportional to 5 minutes taken by husband to come back home from office."

Well, I don't disagree with this one liner, in fact I find it very true. It always happens like that, whenever we have to go out I start asking my wife to get ready half an hour before but then she did not, she always says that it will take 5 minutes for her to get dressed and my counter reply is that those 5 minutes are mine so don't you dare to steal those 5 minutes, use your own 25 minutes.

After 15 minutes, she asks me to start getting ready as she is almost done and then I say, tell me when you are completely ready. Again after 5 minutes, she issues me the last call and I know that now is the time for me to move my butts out of the couch and bring them in action. As usual, I take around 5-7 minutes to declare that I am ready to move but I still find her checking out if her lipstick is looking right, if her eye liner is on place, oh!! that hair strand is not falling at the right place so it needs a fix and then I start looking at her smiling and telling her that "look, you are still not ready, you are still not done and I am ready to move out from the house" and then her counter answer is "I am already done and I am doing all these things because you are taking more time". Upon all this, to win more time for herself she starts asking me questions

She: "Apna mooh kyun nahin dho rahe ho ?"
Me:  "Haah!! Shero ne bhi kabhi mooh dhoye hein kya".

She: "Shave to kar lo."
Me: "Babes, that's my masculine look. A light beard gives masculine look :P"

So, it goes like this. It is also said by someone that "What goes around comes around" so same 5 minutes things happen with me when I am in office.

She asks on message: "At what time you are coming to the home ?"

I say: "Leaving office in next 5 minutes."

After 15 minutes,(I live just 10 minutes from my office)

She: "What happened, nikalne nahin kya abhi tak?"

Me: "Bas nikal rha hoon."

She: "Hmm!! koi kaam aa gya hoga, hei na?"

Me: "Nahin, bas nikal rha hoon"

She: "Accha!! koi desk pe aa gya hoga last moment pe, hei na ?"

Me: "Nahin yaar, nikal rha tha to jaate jaate ek colleague mil gya tha" (of course an excuse).

She: "Oh haan asusual!! Chalo koi nahin aa jao.."


So, it is like this, you know, what I mean! But, one thing I would like to admit that it doesn't matter how much time she takes to get ready, in the end she always looks perfect and equally beautiful for which I just stop teasing her for taking more time (for that moment only) and just admire her beauty (on that moment).

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Long Absenteeism!!

Finally!! after a long time I entered the blogger url to check my account and it looks like that I have missed a lot since my last post in April. Hmm!! quite a lot of things to read.

I have a huge backlog of posts from the people I follow, I hope to catch all of'em very soon. Let's see how soon I am going to start writing here or I should say how soon first I am going to finish the posts marked as draft from a long time in my account.

I hope to maintain my writing mood long enough this time and I hope everyone is doing great.

C ya!