Monday, March 10, 2014

Women in my life.

I am late by one day  to write on Women's day but still better late then never.
I  believe that there is always a special role of a woman in everyone’s life. The first woman comes in the role of mother and the other comes in the role of sister, girlfriend or wife. There can be other roles of woman as well but one is attached more closely to these two.
I have two women in my life, one is my mother and the other one is my wife. When I opened my eyes in this world it was her from the beginning, she was my very first friend who played with me, who took care of me, who carried me all the time, who taught me to stand on my own and who also scolded me for my all the wrong actions and shaitanis. Being the elder son out of two I remember that she was the only women in my life for the first 28 years of my life (well, I can not count my infatuations, crushes and attractions in that, right!) with whom I have such an emotional rapport where I felt so comfortable in sharing things with her or sometimes making her understand the things about life from the younger generation perspective. She was/is always there for me and was/is ready to be in a role in which I want/ed her to be. Being it in a role of sister where I used to tease her and bully her all the time or being in a role of friend who gets angry with you and wait for you to console her or say sorry to her.
I feel that every men's inner child comes out in front of the women with whom he is very emotionally attached. This women can be a mother, a girl friend or a wife. I think we men need them more for ourselves as they need us for their selves.
You might have read about the joke where a girl complains to her mother-in-law that she is living with a child not a grown up man and that child is yours. Well, I second that, most of the time I behave like that small kid and keep bullying my wife with all my pranks which generally happens between brother and sister. I know  it is not supposed to be like this but I can’t help it. This is may be due to the fact that I don’t have a real sister and now the girl I have who is my wife I find a friend and lover in her who gets annoyed and sometimes angry on all of these my nick nacks. She often says to me that sometimes I act like a elder brother where I show her that elder brother bossy nature and sometimes I act like a child which leds her to get angry or pasture me with her love.
We often think that women are dependent on the man of the house but I think its us who becomes dependent on them whenever they are around not always but most of the time.
I wish Happy Women’s day to the two women of my life.
PS: Waise, ye Men’s day kab he ?  :)
PSS: Came back after a long time. (Finally, got in some mood to write down something).

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