Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The disgust for the disgusting ones..!!

There are some people that you meet in your life for whom the only emotion that you can have is a sorry.

People who cannot think above themselves.
People who can see someone else even die just for the sake of keeping them irritated.
People who see negativity in all the positive things.
People who always LIE.
People who curse everybody else and never even bother about their sins.
People who are always illogical and they call it their stand.
People who showoff every time even for smallest things.
People who always give their ideology but don't follow it themselves when time comes.
People who believe that whatever they know is right and if they don't know any particular thing then that thing does not exist. 
People who are always eager to know about others life but don't disclose anything about themselves.
People who hide behind excuses to prove themselves like- society, status, honor...and all other blah blah blah!!

One question... What do you get from all this??!!

Maybe a feeling of utter satisfaction for a day, a month or an year? But after that? Do you even realize that you lost all your loved ones in this ego of yours? Do you realize that the society (which was your excuse once) is now mocking at you? Do you know that there is no one who trusts you now because all you ever did was a lie?!!

What did you get by showing off all the time or by lying for every small thing? Don't you know that the person to whom you are lying is not stupid/dumb and one day that person will come to know about the truth for those small things? Why do you take those people for granted who do not cross question you because they are just so irritated with you that they even don't want to correct you?

Pity on you..!! Really...from the bottom of my heart.

Life might have been tough for you once but you are carrying the venom of it. Hate, disgust,bitching and cursing are your reasons to live but probably you don't know that these are not even worth the reasons to die.

I pity you for your disgusting attitude towards everyone else. I pity you when you see yourself in a mirror. And in case you don't know..

What goes around comes around...

Note: I read this post on one of my fellow blogger and felt that she has written this post as if she has read my feelings. So, I took this post from her blog and have added few things from my side in it.