Tuesday, September 10, 2013

When you find Gandhiji randomly..

We all know very well that where we can find Gandhi ji these days (at least not in the morals and ethics of people), may be in government offices or I believe I am not wrong to say in the wallet or pocket of every one in the form of currency.

I am not going to write about any random encounter with Gandhi ji like Munna bhai but what I meant to say from this catchy title is what would you do when you find some money randomly when there is no one to claim it ?

If my memory is not wrong then I have not found or been lucky in past 10 years to find money on the road or any other places when there was no one to claim it but I do remember what I did when I found it and my actions were different according to my age.

I finely remember that I found Rs 20 while playing outdoor when I was in my childhood, me and my friend went insane on deciding how to spent this money. It looked to us that we can buy lots of candies, chocolates, cold drinks, red color rubber ball for our cricket matches, funky stickers to stick them on our school notebooks, wo lambi waali pencil with the palm cap and many other things. But, we were not aware that we could actually buy few of them from our long list. We settled for two red color rubber ball for our cricket matches and chocolates for rest of the amount.

As I increased numbers in my age count with passing years I got a gyan funda from somewhere that "Jo aapka nahin use rakh kar koi fayda nahin he... agar aap use rakhte ho to aapka hi nuksaan hoga".
Believing this from a fundebaaz or I should say getting scared of loss I donated rs 100 in the donation box of a temple with the belief that when it neither belongs to me nor to any one else then it belongs to god.

Later, I started believing that god does not need money and god will be happy if I help some body with this money who is in actual need. So, the next time when I found Rs 100 again, I gave it to a beggar and made his day. That guy looked at me like I am very rich man and started doing salaam, giving me blessings. While he was doing all those beta...bhagwaan things I noticed that other beggars are coming towards me with the gleam in their eyes and hope in their hearts "Arey koi gaadi waala bada sahab aaya he aaj to.... usko 100 de diya to hume bhi de dega"  but their facial expression changed from raised eyebrows to narrow eyebrows when I picked my bicycle and ran from there. (Kya perception hota he logo ka... cycle waale ko koi kuch samjhta hi nahin he).

And the last when I found Rs 500 I was in first year of my graduation and my philosophy was changed again "Instead of giving hard cash to poor buy them a meal" so I kept those rs 500 separately in my wallet and whenever I saw any poor guy begging for food I bought them some meal and learnt that rs 500 is too much to spend if you start buying cheap meals from road side vendors. 

Its been 10 years and I am still on that last philosophy.

Till 2012 before leaving India I had one time meal in Rs 10 from a road side chole kulche waala, not sure what is the condition now but I feel rs 500 are too much if you have to buy some one this 10 rs meal or 5 rs Parle G biscuit which reminds me one of my experience with an old lady in Congiri or emotional atyachar


  1. Wonderful fundebaazi yr ! :D No, seriously, you are doing gr8! Giving rs.100 to a single beggr means most of the time(for them) ki aaj ka to daaru ka intezaam ho gaya. So, buying them actual food instead is really smart!
    And I do agree with you- cycle waale ko log bhikhari hi samjhte hain. Aap paidal chale jao, apko log kahenge ki apni health pe dhyaan de rha hai !

    1. Arey logo ka to kaam he kehna....aap kuch bhi karo kuch to log kahenge hi.

  2. Now this is called generosity.Unfortunately am not lucky on that score,never found any rupaya on road.But still i have made a point never to shower beggars with money alas if you wanna do some good deed,buy books or food to the needy children.

    Keep the good work going.....

    1. I realized that part later, if you give cash to beggars then its of no use, they will either buy drink from it or it will go to their collection agent.So, after this realization I never give them money but buy them something to eat if some shop is nearby.

      Btw, I bought some books and gave them to some children but later on I came to know that their parents sold those books to some shop keepers.

      May be this is first experience which led me to choose to only option of buying them food instead.

  3. We found 20$ on the road the other day. I don't know what to do with it, so it is there in our Pooja room. When the time comes, I probably, will donate it for a worthy cause. Good that you buy them food instead of giving them money, they usually mis-spend it.

  4. Wah, Ankit ji, aap to bachpan se le kar ab tak ke ek aspect ko blog post mein le aaye.

    It is Monday morning, and I am very happy to read such a great post.

    1. Thanks KK!! I am glad that you liked it and I am glad to know that my post served you something good on Khooni Monday :D