Monday, August 12, 2013

The Versatile Blogger Award

Recently I have been awarded with "The Versatile blogger award" from my blogger friend Pooja who writes her blog Thoughtless Ramifications.

Well, there was no award ceremony for it through which I got it but one day when I visited her blog from my blog feeds I was surprised to see that she chose me to share this award with me.

As the tradition of this award is to write seven things about your self and share this award with 15 other people so I will start writing seven things about myself:

1. I love eating all sweet things specially cakes, pastries, ice-creams and Indian sweets with out thinking their effect on my body.

2. I love reading novels in me time. (Those who are married can understand the meaning of me time). :D

3. I love cooking and it leads me to give suggestions to my wife which sometimes turns in to more suggestions rather than appreciations.

4. I don't why but I always seek perfection in things and I also try to do things in perfect manner. I know sometimes somethings get worse to make them perfect and they are perfect being imperfect but still I always try it.

5. I love travelling to new places and gaining new experiences.

6. My favorite time pass is to observe people when travelling through bus, train or any public transport.

7. I bother a lot about people or I am too conscious about people i.e. I always think ki "main aisa karunga to mere baare me log kya sochenge, kya kahenge, mera mazak udayenge" which sometimes leads me to not enjoy in some scared situations or moments. 

Although, I had some more points to write in above list but I think seven are enough for the moment :)

I would like to share this award to my other fellow bloggers and I hope I will add more people in chain.

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Congratulations guys!! I hope you all keep writing on your blogs from your heart, mind and soul.