Sunday, August 11, 2013

The day that went by.

By the way, this post was supposed to come on 26th July or if it would have been posted on 27th July then also it was acceptable because one can understand that the guy must have been busy in his bday celebration but posting it after two weeks is something weird but as I promised in my last post that I will write an post on how my day was so here it is. (And, if I say my apologies then is it fine with you?)

So, it was my 29th birthday with full of surprises and I still have 1 year to turn 30, I don't know how I am gonna feel on turning 30 but lets forget about it. Tab ki tab sochenge :) ... back to the topic again.. 

So, it was my birthday and it was a working day so I had to go to the office but the day started with some breakfast surprises, my wife made my favorite things in breakfast and there were the things which I am not allowed to eat very often. When I saw cheese balls and Moong ki daal ka halwa served for me my eyes were gleaming like a 5 year old child who gets happy to have candies and chocolates.

This year my birthday was different as compared to past birthdays, it was my first birthday on a foreign soil with my wife. Earlier, all day used to went in taking bday wishes on phone calls from family and friends but this year it was replaced by few messages on Whatsapp and few calls on Viber (Hum foreign me rehne waale desiyon ke liye Whatsapp, Viber, MobileVoip/Rynga jaisi applications hi sahara hein apni country waalo se touch me rehne ka.) Also, some of my friends and relatives gave me birthday wishes at 00:00 hrs according to Indian time which actually was 8:30 pm here in Sweden so it was a strange feeling to get your birthday wishes on the day before it. Ab ye to hota hi he, hum videsh me chale gaye to kya, apne log to apne deshi time se hi kaam karenge. :D

Oh!! I get carried away in emotions, bbrrrrrrrrr!!! Haan, to kahan the hum....

Yes, after taking that delicious breakfast (with out any suggestions only with appreciations...[what was that?? Well, you will come to know about it in my next post]) I went to my office and it was a usual day with meetings, client conference and daily official work but guys at my office have arranged a little gift for me. They surprised me with a bottle of nice Red wine and it was a first experience to receive my birthday gift in such a nice manner, kyun? India me to toot jaati thi yaar bumps kha kha kar but I was kind of missing my those  kamine friends jo pehle room pe maarte the and phir office waale alag maarte the :)

When I came back to my home in evening my lovely wife has decorated our living area for me for my little bday celebration and she has invited few of our Indian friends as well. Bas, fir kya tha...wohi sab.. cake cutting, bday jingles, exchange of cake and cake facial.

Although it was little but it was nice celebration, 
at least we had some friends here to come over otherwise we two would have celebrated it by ourselves.

The best thing of the day was cake, it was so yummy!! That's why I love Europe, you will get many varieties of breads, cakes, pastries, bun etc and if you are a sweet lover then you will always crave to have those fancy looking items.

Lastly, we went to an only Indian restaurant here for dinner and my special day got finished with the cup of ice-cream. 

So, this was the day that went by and it is always nice to get surprises.... only the good ones :D (Come on who loves to receive bad surprises?)

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  1. Posting 2 weeks after your birthday is a sin! But, good to know you had a great day and I wish you have a great year ahead. :)