Saturday, August 31, 2013


It does not matter in which part of world you are superstitions always follow you and are present in every where with in the locals.

Few days ago we invited some of our Swedish friends over Indian dinner (as their taste buds are compatible with spicy food) and while chatting with them topic of Superstitions came and we were surprised to find few of Swedish superstitions common with our Indian superstitions. We didn't expect to have commonalities in few of our very common superstitions.

The common ones:-

1. If a black cat crosses your path then it is treated as bad luck and to cancel it Swedes spit three times or wait some one other to pass.

2. Sneezing: I remember that we ask that person to sneeze one more time to cancel the bad effect while Swedes consider it as your enemy has mentioned your name and ask you to say 'prosit' or to make a pair of sneeze.

3. Don't go under a ladder, I remember this as told by my grand mother but I never understand the exact logic (may be something fall you and you get hurt) but Swedes consider it as bad luck for 3 weeks.

4. Touch wood: I think for us this one is a modern one but Swedes also touch wood to prevent something nasty happened with a line "Pepper, pepper touch wood".

The uncommon ones:-

5. Not to step on a crack in the street. If you do it will bring terrible, irrevocable misfortunes.

6. Never put your keys on the table.

7. Spilling salt gives bad luck.

8. An open umbrella indoors spells serious bad luck.

So, that's why I said that  it doesn't matter in which developed country you are people are superstitious every where. Well, I can say I am little superstitious, I mean, why to take chance when you come in such situation but I don't follow all of them.

When I saw a black cat crossing my way I just wait for some one else to pass it first, I know that's selfish but that's how I cancel its effect and I don't follow the days to cut my nails, hair but I have stopped putting my keys on table from the moment I came to know about this Swedish one.

Well, are you superstitious? What!! you said no, come'on!!! I know you are... Chalo tell me which one you follow.


  1. Many of the superstitions are actually traditional habits that are referred to. For example, the black cat one is actually an ancient Egypt tradition. Cats were their national symbol(shynx), so all the kings definitely used to carry these felines with themselves during their procession. So people were actually afraid of the kings behind these cats. This tradition turned into superstition..well, in any ways, the cats are still protected..
    Some of these are just common sense- don't spill salt on table, would spilled salt look good?
    don't put keys on the them where they are supposed to be.. These superstitions are just a way to create good habits among the people..
    And come on! don't step on a crack! it's bloody common sense.. the crack might widen as you step on it :D Then you'll have to either crack open your foot ;) or the crack itself :D :D

    1. Yes, I agree with you on superstitions related to salt and crack.

      Its good to know the superstitions behind black cat and the logic behind the keys not to put on table is that in earlier times of Sweden hookers use to identify themselves by putting keys on table to find their customers and that is the main reason why children are taught to not to put keys on table so that they don't get misinterpreted.

    2. ooh man now i would definitely leave my keys on the restaurant table.. Maybe I can get laid after would be cool, wouldn't it... I mean i paid for the food only, no?

    3. Ha ha for that you need to come to Sweden. If you do that in India then no one is gonna notice that or may be come to you and say "Bhai Sahab, aap apni chaabu bhool gaye" :)