Friday, August 30, 2013

I wish if I could have more than 24 hrs

Yes, that's what exactly I am thinking, I wish if I could have more than 24 hrs in a day. Arey yaar kitna kuch karna he time hi nahi mil rha and my TO DO list is growing day by day.This laziness and mood to do nothing is keeping occupied me to do nothing and only keep me thinking and planning about ticking those items from my yellow sticky notes. Uff!! ye lazy lazy lamhe. And, jab mood karta he tab neend aa jaati he or it is too late in the night that I had to leave it undone so that I can reach next day office on time.

Wo saying he na ki "Aalasaya manushya ka shatru he" but I think these days this Aalasaya is my best of best friend. Every day after getting home from office I get on to the couch and leave it to answer either nature's call or to go to sleep. Yesterday was the epic, I slept on the couch and when a loud voice (from my wife) broke my sleep I simply changed the place of sleeping from couch to my bed just like a small boy who do the things silently which his parents told him to do with a scared and about to weep face.

Bahut kuch karna he yaar mujhe:-

1. My friend has asked me to design his website in the month of May and I have not completed it so far. Neither I am giving up nor I am completing it. WTF I am doing!!!!!!!

2. Its only one year left for me before I turn 30 and I have to start controlling my sugar intake, start some exercise to be on healthy side of 30.

3. I have to be more serious about my writings if I have to achieve my dream of becoming a writer ( I know every blogger thinks that). I don't know if I have that writer thing in me but sapne dekhne ke koi paise thode hi lagte hein. :)

4. I have to finish reading my unfinished novel.

5. I have to study some technical things related to my job on a very serious note.

6. I have to do some more studies for my certifications.

7. I have to ...

Well, the purpose of writing this list is to give it to the world so that world can help me to complete it. Ab aap soch rahe honge ki kya funda hua illogical sa... to ye funda nikala he The Secret book se... usme kehte he na secret batane waale log "All you need is to tell the world what you want and the world will attract those things towards you" so for now I want this Yellow sticky note in the recycle bin.


  1. You know from past 3 days, I have been wanting to write a post and I haven't, not because I didn't have time, but, because, I have been just thinking. Today, I have to travel and I have the urge to write the post. I guess am getting used to working under pressure.

    Laziness is a virtue, well, some would say, vice by itself!

    1. Pressure me kaam karne ki to hum sabki purani aadat he :)

  2. Don’t worry, you are not only the one bitten by this indolent bug.I guess everybody has this “T o Do list” which just gets crowded with each passing minute.
    But we need to get –up dude before its too late .Start with Gym or yoga.…:)

    1. Hi Anu,

      First of all welcome to my blog.

      And to start with Gym or Yoga I need a solid determination to do it but to the least I have started cycling which I love the most.

  3. Apologies for replying late- I get your feed after 2 days you've posted your article..
    And your to-do list quite an interesting one. But don't worry this laziness syndrome means you're now a pukka delhite! Your stay in Delhi has reaped its results! And to help you complete the list I am thinking of what i can do? Maybe I'll give you a deadline and if you do not complete this list by then, i'll spam your blog with comments :D (it's the best I could think of!)

  4. Well, that's a good deal you see, start giving me the deadlines :)

    I stayed in Delhi/NCR from 2002-2012 so Delhigiri to koot koot ke bhari hui he. :D

  5. You have done the very first thing that needs to be done. There is a saying "Procrastinate in public" If you let people know that you have postponed something, there is an inbuilt pressure to complete those postponed things.

    1. Hi !
      First of all Welcome to my blog and yes, I agree with you.

      Thanks for giving a visit to my blog. I hope you find it interesting.