Saturday, August 31, 2013


It does not matter in which part of world you are superstitions always follow you and are present in every where with in the locals.

Few days ago we invited some of our Swedish friends over Indian dinner (as their taste buds are compatible with spicy food) and while chatting with them topic of Superstitions came and we were surprised to find few of Swedish superstitions common with our Indian superstitions. We didn't expect to have commonalities in few of our very common superstitions.

The common ones:-

1. If a black cat crosses your path then it is treated as bad luck and to cancel it Swedes spit three times or wait some one other to pass.

2. Sneezing: I remember that we ask that person to sneeze one more time to cancel the bad effect while Swedes consider it as your enemy has mentioned your name and ask you to say 'prosit' or to make a pair of sneeze.

3. Don't go under a ladder, I remember this as told by my grand mother but I never understand the exact logic (may be something fall you and you get hurt) but Swedes consider it as bad luck for 3 weeks.

4. Touch wood: I think for us this one is a modern one but Swedes also touch wood to prevent something nasty happened with a line "Pepper, pepper touch wood".

The uncommon ones:-

5. Not to step on a crack in the street. If you do it will bring terrible, irrevocable misfortunes.

6. Never put your keys on the table.

7. Spilling salt gives bad luck.

8. An open umbrella indoors spells serious bad luck.

So, that's why I said that  it doesn't matter in which developed country you are people are superstitious every where. Well, I can say I am little superstitious, I mean, why to take chance when you come in such situation but I don't follow all of them.

When I saw a black cat crossing my way I just wait for some one else to pass it first, I know that's selfish but that's how I cancel its effect and I don't follow the days to cut my nails, hair but I have stopped putting my keys on table from the moment I came to know about this Swedish one.

Well, are you superstitious? What!! you said no, come'on!!! I know you are... Chalo tell me which one you follow.

Friday, August 30, 2013

I wish if I could have more than 24 hrs

Yes, that's what exactly I am thinking, I wish if I could have more than 24 hrs in a day. Arey yaar kitna kuch karna he time hi nahi mil rha and my TO DO list is growing day by day.This laziness and mood to do nothing is keeping occupied me to do nothing and only keep me thinking and planning about ticking those items from my yellow sticky notes. Uff!! ye lazy lazy lamhe. And, jab mood karta he tab neend aa jaati he or it is too late in the night that I had to leave it undone so that I can reach next day office on time.

Wo saying he na ki "Aalasaya manushya ka shatru he" but I think these days this Aalasaya is my best of best friend. Every day after getting home from office I get on to the couch and leave it to answer either nature's call or to go to sleep. Yesterday was the epic, I slept on the couch and when a loud voice (from my wife) broke my sleep I simply changed the place of sleeping from couch to my bed just like a small boy who do the things silently which his parents told him to do with a scared and about to weep face.

Bahut kuch karna he yaar mujhe:-

1. My friend has asked me to design his website in the month of May and I have not completed it so far. Neither I am giving up nor I am completing it. WTF I am doing!!!!!!!

2. Its only one year left for me before I turn 30 and I have to start controlling my sugar intake, start some exercise to be on healthy side of 30.

3. I have to be more serious about my writings if I have to achieve my dream of becoming a writer ( I know every blogger thinks that). I don't know if I have that writer thing in me but sapne dekhne ke koi paise thode hi lagte hein. :)

4. I have to finish reading my unfinished novel.

5. I have to study some technical things related to my job on a very serious note.

6. I have to do some more studies for my certifications.

7. I have to ...

Well, the purpose of writing this list is to give it to the world so that world can help me to complete it. Ab aap soch rahe honge ki kya funda hua illogical sa... to ye funda nikala he The Secret book se... usme kehte he na secret batane waale log "All you need is to tell the world what you want and the world will attract those things towards you" so for now I want this Yellow sticky note in the recycle bin.

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Versatile Blogger Award

Recently I have been awarded with "The Versatile blogger award" from my blogger friend Pooja who writes her blog Thoughtless Ramifications.

Well, there was no award ceremony for it through which I got it but one day when I visited her blog from my blog feeds I was surprised to see that she chose me to share this award with me.

As the tradition of this award is to write seven things about your self and share this award with 15 other people so I will start writing seven things about myself:

1. I love eating all sweet things specially cakes, pastries, ice-creams and Indian sweets with out thinking their effect on my body.

2. I love reading novels in me time. (Those who are married can understand the meaning of me time). :D

3. I love cooking and it leads me to give suggestions to my wife which sometimes turns in to more suggestions rather than appreciations.

4. I don't why but I always seek perfection in things and I also try to do things in perfect manner. I know sometimes somethings get worse to make them perfect and they are perfect being imperfect but still I always try it.

5. I love travelling to new places and gaining new experiences.

6. My favorite time pass is to observe people when travelling through bus, train or any public transport.

7. I bother a lot about people or I am too conscious about people i.e. I always think ki "main aisa karunga to mere baare me log kya sochenge, kya kahenge, mera mazak udayenge" which sometimes leads me to not enjoy in some scared situations or moments. 

Although, I had some more points to write in above list but I think seven are enough for the moment :)

I would like to share this award to my other fellow bloggers and I hope I will add more people in chain.

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Congratulations guys!! I hope you all keep writing on your blogs from your heart, mind and soul.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The day that went by.

By the way, this post was supposed to come on 26th July or if it would have been posted on 27th July then also it was acceptable because one can understand that the guy must have been busy in his bday celebration but posting it after two weeks is something weird but as I promised in my last post that I will write an post on how my day was so here it is. (And, if I say my apologies then is it fine with you?)

So, it was my 29th birthday with full of surprises and I still have 1 year to turn 30, I don't know how I am gonna feel on turning 30 but lets forget about it. Tab ki tab sochenge :) ... back to the topic again.. 

So, it was my birthday and it was a working day so I had to go to the office but the day started with some breakfast surprises, my wife made my favorite things in breakfast and there were the things which I am not allowed to eat very often. When I saw cheese balls and Moong ki daal ka halwa served for me my eyes were gleaming like a 5 year old child who gets happy to have candies and chocolates.

This year my birthday was different as compared to past birthdays, it was my first birthday on a foreign soil with my wife. Earlier, all day used to went in taking bday wishes on phone calls from family and friends but this year it was replaced by few messages on Whatsapp and few calls on Viber (Hum foreign me rehne waale desiyon ke liye Whatsapp, Viber, MobileVoip/Rynga jaisi applications hi sahara hein apni country waalo se touch me rehne ka.) Also, some of my friends and relatives gave me birthday wishes at 00:00 hrs according to Indian time which actually was 8:30 pm here in Sweden so it was a strange feeling to get your birthday wishes on the day before it. Ab ye to hota hi he, hum videsh me chale gaye to kya, apne log to apne deshi time se hi kaam karenge. :D

Oh!! I get carried away in emotions, bbrrrrrrrrr!!! Haan, to kahan the hum....

Yes, after taking that delicious breakfast (with out any suggestions only with appreciations...[what was that?? Well, you will come to know about it in my next post]) I went to my office and it was a usual day with meetings, client conference and daily official work but guys at my office have arranged a little gift for me. They surprised me with a bottle of nice Red wine and it was a first experience to receive my birthday gift in such a nice manner, kyun? India me to toot jaati thi yaar bumps kha kha kar but I was kind of missing my those  kamine friends jo pehle room pe maarte the and phir office waale alag maarte the :)

When I came back to my home in evening my lovely wife has decorated our living area for me for my little bday celebration and she has invited few of our Indian friends as well. Bas, fir kya tha...wohi sab.. cake cutting, bday jingles, exchange of cake and cake facial.

Although it was little but it was nice celebration, 
at least we had some friends here to come over otherwise we two would have celebrated it by ourselves.

The best thing of the day was cake, it was so yummy!! That's why I love Europe, you will get many varieties of breads, cakes, pastries, bun etc and if you are a sweet lover then you will always crave to have those fancy looking items.

Lastly, we went to an only Indian restaurant here for dinner and my special day got finished with the cup of ice-cream. 

So, this was the day that went by and it is always nice to get surprises.... only the good ones :D (Come on who loves to receive bad surprises?)