Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Trash them up.

From past few weeks operating system on my laptop started giving me warning about low disk space, I don't why it started to buzz me when there was still 8 GB free space left from 300 GB hard disk drive and I was still like "keep talking.. you moron!! I am not gonna do anything until it comes down to 1 GB or 2 GB" but then one day it started behaving like old celeron or P1 processor which actually leads me to do some clean up.

When I started cleaning and rearranging data on hard disk drive I realized that how much clutter and seems to be useful and interesting unwanted things I have stored on it. Having a 300 GB hard disk I didn't think twice before storing something on it. Storing which movie or which songs did not matter till you have the full disk. If you have 500 GB or 1 TB hdd then its just gonna occupied with most of the  things which you actually don't require.

I don't know why I have collected and stored enormous number of technical and some novel's e-books/pdf on my laptop. I have hardly read some of them but I am sure that I am not going to read each and every pdf stored in my laptop in my entire life, so what's the use? I don't know? I still have them... ab gyaan ki cheezein kaise delete mar sakte hein :D. When I was done cleaning I was able to free 80 GB from hdd, it is the size of one hard disk drive which I used to have for my desktop in 2003.

But this whole cleaning process and a blog post who am I by Pooja  lead me to think one thing, just like hard disk drives, how much clutter or unwanted things we generally store or have in our life as well? It all seems to be important and useful but still its all unwanted and the moment you remove it from your life you will feel light, more spacious just like free space in hard disk drives.

Some small things, gives us or teach us some great things, if I start seeing things from a philosophical view then every thing says something to us which we sometimes listen or sometimes ignore.

So, sometimes we need to do them up, I know from hard disk drive perspective its easy and its hard from the real life perspective but still sometimes we need to shred those things.


  1. So true! I've been focusing a lot on what kind of clutter I keep hanging around for no reason. I don't think often about the clutter on my computer. :)

  2. Great post!! Visiting from UBC (on a very full computer, I might add...)

  3. I have 300 GB of porn in my laptop dude and I use it quite regularly :P After reading your post I thought I also need to de-clutter, so I arranged it into sub-folders as interracial, HBJ, etc. etc. and it was also quite helpful! :P

    never mind my cheap jokes, de-cluttering always pays off, sometimes in space and sometimes in ideas.

    1. 300 GB of porn!! buddy, are you kidding me? why do you need to store it when almost everything is available online :D

  4. Now why am I missing your posts? I follow you, so I should get the feeds. I need to figure out why.

    Coming to the post, de-clutter a few things and everything sorts by itself. That reminds me I need to clean my home, because from last 3 days, I have let it remain messy for a change. :D

    1. Poo,

      You are not missing them, its me who haven't wrote any post after this one.

      I have three to four posts saved in my drafts but I am not getting time or when I get the time I don't feel to complete them. Will start feeding again :)

      and thanks for reminding about home, we need to vacuum it too. :P