Friday, July 26, 2013

The year that went by.

It's 26th today and it's my birthday. Turning an another year older does not give any special feeling but the day itself become special. Every year I don't know what happens on this day, I sleep the night before and wake up on this day by feeling special. Suddenly I become special for the world around me, I feel that happiness from inside that its my birthday today and I am special for the day which leads to a constant joyful smile on the face.

I know the whole day will pass with wishes and with the curiosity that who all are going to wish me, whether I am going to get wished by my list of expected people or how many wishes I get from the unexpected people.

I will write another post on how my day was but right now I would like to recall how was the year that went by:-

1. Last year I was with my parents on this day and today I am very very far from them.

2. My wife had surprised me with the gifts which actually already started this time as well.

3. Got reward and recognition from my employer.

4. Learnt dance with my wife and delivered our first stage performance in the marriage of cousin.

5. Was selling and rearranging my household stuff for relocation.

6. Left my Indian employer.

7. Partied hard with my friends before leaving India.

8. Relocated to Sweden and joined an Swedish employer.

9. Joined Android family.

10.. Started to learn new things at work, place, language.

11. Made new Indian friends in Sweden.

12. Have been to Amsterdam, Paris, Stockholm, Norway on trips so far.

13. Had many varieties of cakes, breads, pastries etc so far.

Hmm, not bad. I pray to god to bless me and give me the strength to achieve my all dreams.

Happy Birthday to Me.


  1. You've had a busy year! Happy Birthday!

    1. Yes, it was. Thanks for your wishes! and Welcome to my blog.

  2. In one year so much can change. But all good as long as you are happy where you are.

    Happy Birthday btw :)

  3. Happy birthday! What a busy year you had!

    I hope you get to enjoy today and just be. The rest of your year will be great too!

    1. Hello Shay!

      Thanks for the wishes and yes the last year was really busy.

  4. A very happy birthday uncle ji ! :D
    I remember you mentioning in a post that people ask you how come you've still not been to america? And see how time flies by..

    Now seriously, congratulations for your new job and warmest wishes for your birthday :)

    1. Dude I am still not been to America. I am in Sweden and till now I have been to only in Europe being on personal or business dreams. Still have to go and meet Uncle Sam.

      And, thanks for the wishes.

  5. Such a happy post.. :)

    So its going to be your birthday soon.. Wish you a very happy b'day in advance..

    Cheers :)

    1. Thanks Arpit bhai!! Now you grabed the first place to wish me in advance. Thanks a lot!