Sunday, June 2, 2013

Takiya Kalaam (Catch Phrase)

Takiya kalaam a term from Urdu language, used as a metaphor. It roughly  means 'a habit to say particular words (sometimes with no meaning),even when not necessary'.

I believe everyone of us have one such kind of catch phrase and we speak it almost every time when talking to someone with out realizing that we are saying it. It comes so unintentionally that sometimes you say it when it is not supposed to be said in some situations.

These catchphrase gets so attached with you that they become part of your identity and if you have spent some time with a person then you can easily identify him with his catch phrase. Actually, that's how I identified one of my friend :), few days back I received a call from India from a unknown number and the conversation went like this

Me: Hello! this is Ankit speaking.

Friend: Aur be saale, kya haal hein?? (How are you doing man?)

I realized that this must be one of my friend (as most of my friends start talking like this and even I do the same with them, no Hi no Hello direct baat... Seedhi baat, no bakwaas :D) so I replied  in a manner to not to sound like I have not recognized him.

Me: main.... main sahi hoon.... saale tu kaisa he? (I am doing fine dude, how are you?)

Friend: main bhi mast hoon.... saale pehchaana ki nahin pehchaana? (I am fine as well, did you recognize me?)

Now there comes the tough question, the answer was No but I didn't tell him this.

Me: Abe kaisi baat kar rha he, kyun nahin pehchaanuga, bhai he tu. (What are you saying bro, why wouldn't I recognize you?)

Friend: Chalna Kamine, mujhe pta he....nahin pehchaana tune... saale India se bahar jaa kar bhool gya bhai ko. (Oh come on man, I know you have not recognized me, you forgot me after going out of India)

Now, here starts the emotional drama

Me: Abe kaisi baat kar rha he, tujhe kaise bhool sakta hoon? (What are you saying man, how can I forget you)

Friend: accha!! chal naam bta kaun bol rha hoon? (Alright! tell me my name and who am I?)

Oh! now I was caught but still I managed to some more emotional drama

Me: abe kaisi baat kar rha he yaar, tujhe vishwaas nahin he mujh pe, ab kya tujhe naam bataunga tabhi manega tu? ( Come on dude! what are you talking about, don't you believe me? Now, Do I need to tell you your name to make you believe that I have recognized you).

Friend: nahin be... chod, mazak kar rha tha... "Aur bta kya maujh aa rahi he"

"Aur bta kya maujh aa rahi he" suddenly this line ran through all over my brain and my brain indicated that it is familiar with this line, it has heard this line somewhere and then it started Googling for this line in the mind database to find out that associated link or name with this line. Bingo! It give me a name and a smile on my face. 

Me: bas yaar chal rha he asusal, tu bta <yahan maine uska naam liya, mujhe confirm ho jaye ki wo wahi he and use bhi vishwaas ho jaye ki maine use pehchaan liya> kya chal rha he? (nothing new buddy, life is going as usual, you tell me  <here I took his name to confirm myself and also to make him believe that I know who  he is> how is it going at your end ?)

 and the conversation followed.

So this is how an Takiya Kalaam or catchphrase can help you in some situations if you know about them for different person.

One more thing, have you  noticed the English translation of that conversation? Isn't it more funny in English :)


  1. My takia-kalam changes every few months, but then I make a game out of it to make the other person remind me who he/she is. Starting with accepting that I don't remember him/her, and ending with him/her telling me some silly, obscure thing we did or happened to us etc., and the memories take the anger off :-)

  2. Replies
    1. What do you meant by Ankit Mittal? kuch explain to kar.

  3. It was so funny! I was wondering where did you friend find your number from? :D
    And come on, in english the saala lost its e ssence :D
    Love reading your blog :)

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