Sunday, May 5, 2013

Are you Facebook Dumb or Facebook Intelligent?

Seriously, tell me are you a Facebook dumb or Facebook intelligent?

Well, if you are not getting what I mean by Facebook dumb or Facebook intelligent and want to know about it then keep reading, otherwise, if you think this is a stupid question or you already know the answer then you may leave this page right away.(If you are leaving then thanks for increasing the visitor counter by one and I hope you come back here again :D)

So, what I meant by Facebook dumb or Facebook intelligent is:- (In my view)

1. A person who uses Facebook with out caring about privacy settings or about the audience of their profile can be categorized as Facebook dumb i.e. a person who post/share anything on their profile mainly photos or their friend's photos with public settings can be considered as Facebook dumb.

2. A person who uses Facebook by taking in to consideration that who is going to be the audience for their each post can be categorized as Facebook intelligent i.e. a person who does not post their personal or their friend's information publicly.

Although, if a person is posting something with public settings on purpose then the above categories are not for them.

If you fall under the first category then keep reading else congratulations you are not Facebook dumb.

Well, through some shared articles or photos on Facebook you might have read about misuse of photos posted by people here. I am not saying that it is totally true but in a rarest case if it is happening than isn't it worth to give a thought about your privacy setting before posting anything especially picture on Facebook?

Posting pictures with public access on social media portals/websites is something like a irreversible process, once you have posted it then it's not sure that it will not exist anymore the moment you delete it.

I am not saying that you should stop posting but always choose what you want to share with public and what with your friends, even Facebook has customized access settings to a very good extent in terms of choosing the audience of your content.

Oftentimes while browsing Facebook I come across many profiles where I saw the entire albums of people who are not in my friends list, I thought they might have album/photos visibility settings set to friends of friends but to my surprise they were posted as public. If I can see them then any body on this Facebook world can see them. This is the situation when I call such profile owners as Facebook dumb.

Well, it may be possible that you are falling in this category unknowingly because there can be many reasons for that. In this era of smart phones and tablets people generally use their smart device to upload photos as it is the most easiest way to share your picture among friends without taking the pain to first transfer pictures from your smart device to desktop/laptop and then upload them manually. It could be one of the reason to categorize one as Facebook dumb.

Facebook application or in fact any other social media applications on Windows, Android and Mac platforms makes this task easy for you, just go to the gallery, select pictures, select share on Facebook/Twitter/Google +, enter your status and done. After pressing button done the application goes in background and upload your pictures to your account but, here, I would like you to keep one thing in mind, you still have to select privacy settings of your album otherwise it will get posted as public.

Well, I am not going to mention or reiterate all the privacy settings of Facebook here as you can refer them there itself but I would like to quote some tips:-

1. Select your audience while posting through any smart device.

2. While uploading your pictures through web interface do check settings. Look for settings button while creating album or adding photos in a album through web interface. When Facebook changes it album creating and photo uploading interface then buttons may get rearranged.

3. When posting through your wall "what's on your mind?" then select your audience before posting.

4. Make separate lists from your friends list to classify your photos, posts among the group. For example, make a list of all family members among whom you can share your personal family photos or make a list of your bff among whom you can share your top secret stuff :).

5. Decide what you want to share with your friends and what with your friend of friend.

6. While tagging your friends check if you are not compromising their security settings.

7. Android devices comes with a feature of instant upload on Google+  i.e. any picture you will click on your phone will get upload automatically from your gallery on Google+. This feature is enabled by default so check your phone settings and disable it if you don't want instant upload.

8. Cover photos are public be default and you can not customize it so decide if you want to post your picture on it.

9. You can select visibility settings of your friends list, albums, which pages or to whom you are following and who all are following you. Select your setting.

10. You can view your profile as your friend i.e. you can check how one of your friend will see your profile, this is an useful facility provided by Facebook to adjust your privacy settings. The default view is set as public.

So, you, Facebook dumb people I hope you get my purpose of writing this post. Now don't be a Facebook dumb, be a Facebook intelligent.


  1. I am kind of in between dumbness and intelligence, hopefully more towards intelligence. There are still a few things I do not understand, but I don't care.

    Great job listing the different aspects of facebook profile settings etc., a lot of people will find that useful.

    1. Hi!!

      Sometimes Facebook makes some settings too complicated to understand.

  2. Hey there! I am first time visiting your blog and your wits have blown my mind off !:D (a very thanda start to such statement na.) Anyways Yhow do you IT guys have such gr8 wits? I fail to understand!

    1. Arey yaar aisa kuch nahin he ki we IT guys have such gr8 wits... it all comes from the day to day experiences and of people around us.

  3. Hi ! I tried to comment here before but the blogger cheated me. Anyways, you have a very nice blog. Some of your posts have blown my mind completely!

    1. Dear, I didn't get your name and I think blogger didn't cheat you when you posted your first comment. It was my comment moderation settings (to avoid spam comments) which didn't allowed your comment to become visible instantly.

      Well, I am glad that you liked my blog

    2. Yeah, i got it late. Well, my name is Abhishek Singhal and it was fun to read your blog. You will see more of me on your blog in the coming days :)

    3. Abhishek!

      Nice to see you here, I hope you like my other posts as well.

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  5. I don't have a facebook account. Problem solved.

    1. That's one of the finest solution :-)

      Btw, welcome to my blog and its nice to see you here.

  6. Hey I am Bandita From UBC and yeah i know what i mean. I protect my personal detail like a hound. :)

    So I am safe. But yeah i know some ppl who are really bad at it.