Sunday, April 7, 2013

Life in four suitcases.


I am back here after a long time and this is first time I am writing in this New year 2013.
Well, where was I? I was not very far from Internet but did not felt to write here among lots of things going between December 2012 and March 2013.

Its been two months since we came to Linkoping, Sweden from India, from our home in Noida to a new home here.

From the time we took decision to move out of India suddenly life became very busy, busy in planning various things or I should say it got busy in planning to take our married life in four suitcases that to with the weight limit put by International airlines.

Its strange to realise that life can be moved around in any corner of the world with just four suitcases and yes we moved from one part of world to an another part of world. Its just not moving, its a change of culture, change of language, change of weather, change of environment, change of lifestyle but fortunately no change in food in big manner.

So, we are now kind of settle here but still in planning mode i.e. when we were in India we were planning on how to rearrange or sell our house hold stuff and now we are here so we are planning which household stuff to buy and when. So, this planning mode is going on right from the day we got our Visa to Sweden.

One of the strange thing is that when you are in same country with your family then you don’t interact very frequently but when you go out of country then interaction becomes quite frequent. Till the time I was in Noida My father never did interaction with Whatsapp or Skype  but now these applications are boon to us. Yahan aakar ghar waalon se itni baat hoti he jitni kabhi India me nahin hoti thi. Mom and Dad have become now Skype and Whatsapp experts.

So, things will go on like this till the time we are here, the day we will decide to go back to India I know we will again end up in just four suitcases.

Wo ek dialogue he na kisi film me “Ghar kya he? Jahan aapki family or parivaar ek jagah rehna shuru kar de wohi Ghar he chahe wo kahin bhi ho…. makaan ghar ban hi jaata he”

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