Friday, November 30, 2012

Lady In The Gogs 2

Lady in the Gogs -part2 continues from one of my post Lady in the Gogs in 2010.

So, what exactly happens when a beautiful lady or a pretty girl gets settle in the team? Does the fellow team mates keep doing their work normally? Do they notice the addition in team? Does any change occurs in the work atmosphere?

Well, I guess you will not feel any difficulty to answer these questions if you are working under an IT firm. Being working in an IT firm I have my observations for above questions and also the experiences as shared by other IT friends so generally what happens is:-

The girl joins the firm or moved in your team from some other team, the moment team get the news of new member’s arrival  everyone starts looking for the empty bench which may get allotted to her and then start envying those lucky team members around that empty bench as they are going to be her so called neighbors. Suddenly this stupid empty bench seems lucky to the people around it as everyone want to be a good neighbor and these people gets the reward of “getting more chances to talk to her” as luckiest draw reward.(Why not lucky draw? Keep on reading…)

Yes, that’s true, people around New Member in Team get more chances to talk as compared to others as these are the people who help the NMT in setting up network related things and other knowhow of team related things.

Once the luckiest team mates are identified then comes the turn of lucky team mate in form a very sweet term of IT “Buddy” or “Mentor”. A Buddy or a Mentor is that person who is responsible for sharing the knowledge of project related things and organizational related things to the NMT. Buddy/Mentor can be any one from the team who has the full of knowledge of project, so, the Mentor will mostly interact with the NMT till the moment NMT is comfortable in the project. After this, NMT is assigned to project activities and usual office life starts.

You know, one of the main and important ingredient in the making of any software is nicotine or caffeine, without it it may not have been developed. Ab software develop karne waala bhi insaan hi he and bina coffee,chai and sutte k to dimaag hi nahin chalta so ye hua na main and important ingredient!! J. So, everybody goes out from the office (kyunki office me installed vending machine ki chai me wo baat kahan aati he….) to have a cup of tea, coffee or sutta (Cigi aka Cigarette) and wouldn’t it be rude to not to ask the NMT for the Nicot/Cafeine breaks J, after all it makes other people envy when they see that pretty NMT with you or your group. <Same goes for lunch as well>

One can easily observe a change in the work atmosphere after the addition of NMT on the floor, kaise? Aise:-
 1. More people can be seen walking, most of the time with their water bottle to refill or with a cup of tea/coffee from the break out area.
 2. Frequency of technical discussions around the NMT increases.
 3. Friends of other team members around NMT start visiting them often for any reason and interestingly they do ask “kya baat aaj aayi nahin?” when the NMT do not comes to office.

As the time passes the NMT becomes old member in the team but the atmosphere around her (like strong fragrances of perfume/deodorants and things mentioned above) still exists. Colleagues become office friends, phone number and personal email ids gets exchanged followed by adding one more member in each other’s friend list on social networks, sometimes a love story happens and sometimes FOSLA (in case if you forgot the full form of it, it is Frustrated One Sided Lover’s Association) group welcomes their new member.

Whatever the case may be the story ends either with a sweet@my desk or with a Good Bye mail.

PS: I could have mentioned other things too when a Lady in the Gogs settles down in the team but I think this may get wacky on the public forum. If you really want to know those things then drop me a PM.

PPS: Aww! I just realized , this is my 100th post on my blog. I have hit a century since 2008. :)