Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Travelling From H.NZM

Last month July was totally a journey month, whole month we were travelling to different places including our parents and  that too in between madness of traffic jams due to rain, heavy rains, train delays due to Power grid failure.
I like travelling via train as I meet/see different people some strange, some funny and looking out of window and hanging on door takes me to all those old memories of my earlier life. Every time I have to travel I start getting excited and conscious to reach station on time to avoid last minute running and pushing. I totally believe on our railways that train will not arrive at platform at the exact time but still I don't want to take any chance. 

Well, it's  been around 12 years since I started travelling own my own mostly using railways and every time I go to my home in Gujarat I feel the same excitement which I used to feel in those days of my graduation. (I left my home for the first time to pursue my graduation)

Whenever I choose railways to commute I feel that one of the good job which Lalu has done in his railway ministry tenure is to start Garib rath train, this train is equipped completely with 3rd AC sleeper coaches with half fare as compared to normal rates of 3 tier AC and the best thing is that it takes 13 hours (~same as Rajdhani express ) to reach Surat from Delhi so it suits me best to go home on cheaper fare using Air Conditioned facility. 

Btw, the purpose of starting Garib Rath train was to make poor people afford travelling in Air Conditioned sleeper coaches on cheaper fare although I have never seen any poor people travelling in it. All middle class people use it to lower their travel expenses, this train's booking get full in the first 30 minutes on the day when advance reservation period opens i.e. 120 days.

As I said, last month was full of journey so Hazrat Nizzamuddin railway station was my most visited station and every time I go there I see:-

1. The women who first request and then pin up small indian flag on your shirt then start asking money?

2. The local dhaba got beer Haywards 50000 to sell, I have never seen it on thekas and in pub. :)

 3. The installed X-ray machine is not getting used completely, many labour class people passing it without putting their jhola/Thela in it.

4. The parking is always full. Government should give a thought to build a multilevel parking

5. The prepaid auto rickshaw counter executive is not present in his booth most of the time.

6. There are no sign boards to parcel office, how one is supposed to find it to book his parcel.

7. One of the CISF security guard standing always near X-Ray machine plays an important role in managing crowd on the entrance of station. I hope there are more like him.

8. There is no Ticket checker on the exit of station.

9. H. NZM has a fine Comesum restaurant which is open 24x7. It also serves a place for night hangout especially in winters.

10. Railway has installed a big billboard which shows status of incoming and outgoing trains.

11. Auto and taxi drivers can make a big hole in your pocket by putting their fare missile if you are unknown about the usual fare to your destination.

I hope someday Railway ministry gives H.NZM station a cosmetic fix as it did to New Delhi Railway Station.

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