Thursday, August 30, 2012

Honesty is the best policy

Kuch yaad aaya?? Yahi sikhate tha school me "Honesty is the best policy and we should never lie". Do you think we are following this slogan completely?

Some people say that they hate those who tell lies for any reason while some other people accept “white lies” when situation arises, even if they usually do not like lying. Well, I guess many of us are like that.

During our childhood, our parents teach us one of the greatest human values: always telling the truth. Based on this, parents can help us resolve life problems, and we build a strong familial relationship with them. For example, lying or omitting the truth towards our parents can leads us getting in trouble or even in life threatening situations. Sometimes might be too late for them to help us, even if they try hard to do as much as possible to get us out of the problems.
Today, we are sometimes honest and sometimes we take help of white lies to escape from an unwanted situation. Wo kehte he na ki "jis jhooth se kisi ka bhala ho ya nuksaan na ho use jhooth nahin kehte". Ab kya karein!!! har kisi ko har time sach bhi to nahin bol sakte.... arey bhai zamana hi aisa he and according to Raju of 3 idiots "jhooth bolna bhi to hume parents and is duniya ne sikhaya he".

Being an honest person is awfully significant in any long term relationship, such as a friendship or a marriage relation. We want our life partner and friends to be truthful to us but when our turn comes we never hesitate to throw a believable white lie. Office ke baad booze party me jaana he to wife ko bol do "Yaar, aaj thoda time lagega office me. Thoda kaam aa gya he :)" ya phir apne friend k saath na jaana ho to "yaar, thoda kaam  he mujhe aur tabiyat bhi thik nahin lag rahi he, tu samajhna".

Actually, we all have classified certain areas where we have to be honest and where we have to lie (a lie which does not harm anyone or may be gives some advantage with out hurting anyone) like:-

1. We are honest to our life partner and immediate family members but not completely with relatives (Haye haye....rishtedaaro ki nazar lag gayi to!!).

2. We must be honest to our employer but its okay to lie (white/black) to the client to win something.(However the later part remains correct always but are we sure about the first part? :))

3. We always do some jugaad in investment proofs while paying and filing Income tax return. (Ab itne bade bade ghotale hote he humare yahan...humne 20,30 hazaar ka ghotla kar liya to kya fark padta he, kyun!! he na?)

4. We the people who are slaves of private organizations are honest while applying for leaves but it's okay to bunk office once in a while with an absurd reason. (Ab, ye to chalta he yaar.... hum aur kya karein agar office se chutti nahin milti to..)

5. We are honest to traffic police when we have full papers of vehicle but its okay to slip Gandhiji if we get caught with incomplete papers. (Majboori ka naam Mahtma Gandhi)

6. We are honest and in our limits when we go to USA, Europe or on any other overseas location but its okay to blend things in our own country. (Actually, bahar k strict rules se phat ti he na hum logo ki.... yahan kuch kiya to saale fine laga denge ya seedha andar :D)

"Mera bharat mahaan, sau me se assi baimaan" seems we have to  live like this.So, I feel the definition of slogan "Honesty is the best policy" is changed. Honesty may not be the best policy but it does not ensure that being honest will not trouble you.

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