Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Baarish ki kich kich...

"5 minutes of heavy rain turned Noida/Delhi in to Venice.....arey koi boat lao, mujhe office jana he..."

This was my statement few days back on Facebook and I think this should be for the next few days if it continues to rain like this.

Generally, baarish ho rahi he isse koi farak nahin padta but it surely gives a moment to think when it is raining either at the time of going to work or at the time of returning from work.

Jo bhi ho, office to jaane hi he, office se jaana bhi he and in all this kich kich pich pich everybody wants to reach their destination asap which sometimes results in traffic jams and making all late. Sometimes people are not able to reach office on time to attend conference call with the overseas client. I hope ki aisa ho sakta --------------------->

Thanks to our drainage systems designed by intellect authorities which makes roads to get disappear under water and show us that there are no signs of drought anywhere. People who walk on road feels that they are in some water amusement park due to the frequent splashes of water coming on them from the vehicles coming in high speed in those flooded roads.

Interesting thing is to know what different people thinks on a rainy day:-

Four wheeler usersif they have a two wheeler then they could have commuted by it using a raincoat and avoided all these traffic chaos.

Two wheeler users: if they have a four wheeler then they could have commuted by it, ye raincoat and udte hue kichad se chutkara milta.

Bicycle users: I am fine with it, at least I can hold umbrella in one hand and still drive my bicycle.

Pedestrian: Getting on to a bicycle to reach early to work.

Traffic police: Chodna!! kaun saala baarish me khade ho kar bheegega.... traffic ki maa behen ek hoti he to hone do... baad me dekh lenge.

Office Shuttle driver: Ye bikers raincoat pehen kar to sukhe sukhe aa jaate hein aur phir humari gaadi ki seat ko geela kar dete hein... unke baad aana waala employee hum par chillata he ki seat gili kyun he.

Road side Sabzi Wale: Hey Bhagwaan, ye baarish kab thamegi, kab humari sabzi bikegi.

People frustrated from traffic jams: 

Ye Noida me auto waalo ko half kar dena 
chahiye, saara traffic inhi ki wajah se hota he... ye aadhe kam ho jayenge to traffic sudhar jayega (They don't bother about 
people who don't have their own vehicle).
Log public transport kyun nahin use karte
yaar, kuch to traffic kam ho. 

Employees: It's better to inform the boss that I will get late for office due to this fucking traffic jam.

Home less people: Ab kahan sir chupau, kahan jaun.

Lovers: "Dekho baarish ho rahi he...mera dil ro raha he..." and other romantic songs :)

Alcohol lovers: Arey yaar, aaj phir mahol ban gya he peene waala....mausam mast he.. chalein kya!!

There may be lots of other things too,Kher jo bhi ho, once we reach our destination after experiencing the natural shower adrak waali chai and garma garam pakode to chal hi jaate hein.

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  1. Ha ha... this is true, I always want rain to start after I reach office and after I reach home :)