Monday, August 13, 2012


Driver:(Chewing Tobacco) Picchhhh…. arey!! 15 tareek lo band ho jai…phir ka kareebe??
Other Person:Band ho jai to ho jai…stock mangaye lenge.
Driver: Abe Baklol!!, kitna stockwa kareebe? Phir khtam hoibe ki na hoibe?
Other Person: Khtam ho jai to ho jai, mangaye lenge phir rishtedaarwa se jab uhh Patna to Delhi aawe.
Driver: haan, Uhh bhi thik he….saala iske bina to zindagi jhand he…guzara nahin hoga sasura

I don’t know whether above conversation was in Bihari or Bhojpuri, it was on our way from office to parking plot between our shuttle cab driver and one of his colleague who was sitting besides him in Maruti Omni.

Did you get the idea about which thing they were talking about? They were talking about the ban on tobacco and nicotin products such as gutkha, pan masala, cigarrates etc which government of Haryana and Delhi is applying after 15 August 2012. They were tensed about getting their masala once it gets banned and not available on  khoka at every nukkad.It seemed that they can not live without chewing gutkha as if their body does not work untill they put gutkha in between their tongue and teeth.
Government is taking this step to stop consumption of these things in the state to avoid bad consequences while on the other hand these people have started making schemes to get it either by purchasing it in bulk before ban to stock or by finding ways to smuggle it from the neighboring states where it is not getting banned.

On one of the news website I found a news about this ban, Gutkha manufacturing companies are making new ways to sell their product. They are planning to sell the required ingredients for Gutkha to sell separately in market so one who wants to have gutkha can mix these ingredients and enjoy it. (I am not  showing a way to tobacco lovers)

Many educated and uneducated people are aware about the consequences of such products but still they consume it, not able to leave their habit and do picchhh… aakkthuuu… everywhere to paint the walls and corners.What an artist these Gutkha chewers are, paintings created by their spitted color should be placed in some art exhibition for bidding. They do not only paint the walls they use the roads as well and the art of painting things while on the move is excellent. One of my friend's taste buds have become insensitive as he is not able to feel any taste due to excessive chewing of Gutkha but he is still continuing with his habit.

Such people should take care of their habit, they should not paint walls with the color from their mouth and they should not make other people passive smoker.

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  1. Well, I guess, the government is trying its own ways while, the junta will try its own, to bend the rules- like always!