Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Stupid Cell Phone

Aap logo ne ye to suna hi hoga ki "aajkal lagi hui he" ya phir "Boss ne le rakhi he" or "life is screwing me hard" but kabhi ye suna he ki "mere phone ne meri leli"?? Trust me, aapka phone bhi kabhi aapki le sakta he.... kaise?? thik waise hi jaise mere phone ne meri [ehem][ehem]...

Last week Monday, I received a call from a unknown number, when I took the call the caller told me that he has received a missed call from my number, I put him on hold and checked my call log and I did not made any call to him. I told him that I have not made the call but he didn't get convinced and I have to end the call abruptly. I got another call from a different unknown number and this caller was also saying the same thing. I didn't get what was happening, initially, I thought Airtel's network might got goofed up but it was not like that. I was continuously receiving the calls from different people saying the same thing and all my effort to explain them that I have not made any call was going waste.

When I received 10th call that day I asked the caller about the number from which they got missed call and it was 9990703**4 (an Idea subscriber number). Soon, I realized that this idea subscriber has diverted all incoming calls to my number and this subscriber is giving missed calls to different people who in turn calling back to this idea subscriber but their calls were landing to my number due to that call divert feature. When I got the whole game I realized that it is very hard to make people understand what was actually happening so I decided to not to answer any call from an unknown number which was getting flashed on my cell phone screen with Nokia's call divert symbol.

I tried to make a call to this idea subscriber to inform him/her about this stupidity but my call got loop back due to that call divert and my cell phone was showing dialed number as engage. I thought to send a sms to this idea number but my sms were getting failed. I was receiving the calls whole day, whole week till Sunday and it was really baffling me.So, there was no way left to contact/inform this idea subscriber besides hoping to receive a call from any friend/relative of this number and answering it to request them.

You must be thinking why I haven't contacted Customer Care? I did and they told me that call divert feature is activated from the cell phone itself which orders sim-card to divert all incoming calls to the provided number so they are unable do anything in this as there is nothing which is activated from their side. They told me to find that subscriber personally and request him/her to disable it, I asked them how in world I can find a person with only a cell phone and that to when Customer Care keeps name and address information confidential to public.(Stupid Guys....)
                                 One of the  amazing thing of this facility is that you can divert your incoming call to any number with out having consent/confirmation from the owner of diverted number.Idea customer care executive told me to try lodging a complaint on Idea Showroom, may be they can take some action on this matter or lastly I can lodge a Police complaint against this number.

On Sunday, I received the very first call of the day, I didn't answered it for the first time, it came again, I didn't answered it second time, it came third time as well, Palak asked me to at least answer the call waise bhi kaun sa humare call rate lag rahe the so I answered it and it was from the owner of that number. She was Deepa, an Idea executive who sells Idea sim-cards. My bubble of anger burst on her and I told her that I have already made a Police complaint against this number and now she is going to face Police enquiry (it was a lie but I thought it was necessary). She, actually felt that she was not receiving any calls on her number in that whole week so she started investigating (pagal.... tube-light kahin ki...) and made her call me from a different number. I told her to disable call divert by dialing ##02# on her mobile immediately.Sone pe Suhaga to ye tha ki us bandi ne apne sim card pe sms service activate nahin karwa rakhi thi.... that's why my sms were getting failed.

After Sunday afternoon she disabled call divert and my phone stopped ringing. Jabse mere pass ye phone he tab se aajtak ye itna nahin baja hoga jitna peechle hafte baja he... :)

I believe Idea tagline is really true..... "An Idea can change your life" :)

PS: Arey yaar log bhi kitne curious hote hein.... ek missed call aa jaye kisi ke pass to pura enquiry kar ke hi maante hein.


  1. kabhi kabhi aisi cheezen ho jati hai jo kuchh din ke liye sirdard ho jati hain but baad me vo lambe samay tak hasne ke ke bahana :)

  2. Dear Customer,

    We would request you to kindly provide us; with your ten digit Idea mobile number for further assistance.