Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Reward and Recognition

As our Organization is an integral part of People CMM, few months back they initiated the practice of bringing employee’s innovative methods to the limelight.

They launched Continuous Capability Improvement(CCI) drive where employee get opportunities to share their creative work process approaches among the other associates so they provided a platform to recognize and reward the innovative Personal Work Processes (PWPs) implemented by an employee to enhance efficiency and effectiveness as individuals and teams. In this one has to include introduction of any new tool, practice and procedure which helped in increasing efficiency , over all capability and simplifying work process.

I participated in it, shared my personal techniques/methods to accomplish a work/task to keep client and bosses happy, the best part is that my PWP get selected as one of the best PWPs so I got a reward for this from top shots of management. :)

This is a second good thing happened to me after my appraisal in June. I am happy :D

Here is the award

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