Friday, July 6, 2012

Known faces but Unknown people

How often it happened with you when you saw a known face but that person is unknown to you or you know that person but that person don't know you or both of you have seen each other before but you don't have any communication?

I believe this happens most of the time in our day to day life. When such moment comes either we just smile at each other and move forward with out saying any word or we go to that person and tell him/her that "I have seen you before..." and we are sure where we have seen him/her then we directly tell them "Hey... you work in office or you are from the same residential society..." or we just don't say anything.

I usually tell the person who is with me (at that time) that I know this person and it happens most of the time with me. I am somewhat good in remembering names and faces of people, in fact my colleagues call me database of names because most of the time when we are talking about a chick or a dude from our office I have their name.

I remember one incident which happened with me at Chennai airport, I  and Palak were waiting for flight to Andaman, We were munching at a snack counter and I saw a man standing 5 feet away from me and looking at me continuously, when I shifted my gaze from Palak to him he gave me a big smile and started walking towards me with his open hands as if he was going to hug me. When he came more closer his expression got changed and he dropped his open hands. I asked him

I: "Excuse me, do we know each other?"

He: "Actually, I, you very much look like my younger brother"

I: "Well, that may be a coincidence but did your brother get married recently?"

He: "No, he is married for 5 years?"

I: "...then definitely I am not him because I got married 3 days before and we are on the way to our honeymoon".

He:"Oh ok...Congratulations!! Actually, I am going for a family reunion in Mumbai and my brother who looks like you is coming directly to Mumbai from Singapore. I thought he came here to surprise me and go along with me".

I: "Oh...I am sorry that I am not him.... have a good time in your family reunion".

Such incidents happens sometimes.Generally,chances of happening this is more if you are working in an Corporate firm or a place where many people work at the same time, there you have your own small social group and you see other people during lunch time or town hall meeting. Some people don't hesitate to speak on such moments but sometimes they got success and sometimes the person says "Sorry, I am not the one you are looking for".

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