Friday, June 29, 2012

Patience,Wait and Increment

Some times life put us in dilemma, we don’t know what it want and where it is going to take us.

We always want things to fall apart in the way we like them to be but it did not happen always, life has different plan for us. From the past few months I have been involved in some things and if they turned in my favor then they will benefit me in a really good way but the dilemma is they are not turning either in my favor or on the other side which is really irritating. My friends says to go with the flow of life and have patience but day by day I am going impatient.

Every day I am waiting for some updates on those ventures and I want the outcome as soon as possible. I am not bothered about the positive or negative outcome, whatever it is let it be, at least I will be able to plan further as soon as the things get clear.

All those positive quotes like “Don’t get angry on your life when you do not get desired things, your life knows that you deserve more than your desires”,”Whatever is happening, is happening for your own good” and “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet” are holding me up during this time.

Above quote are somewhat true, my awaited increment letter which was due from April 2012 was in my Inbox in the first week of this month. I was waiting for it from the day when I filled up my appraisal form (patience) and when I received it I really liked the increment in my salary (this fruit is really sweet) which is going to be credited with the salary of June. My wife is waiting for it more then me :)

I hope things to become clear, the sooner the best.

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