Friday, June 29, 2012

How I Met My Wife

Yes.. you are thinking it right, the title of this post is inspired from American television series How I Met your Mother but trust me, I am not going to tell you a never ending tale like HIMYM.

My process of arrange marriage was going on after meeting one, two and three which I have already told you, there were other meetings but they were not interesting as compared to those three meetings.Along with the newspaper advertisement and friends, relatives contacts I have also made my matrimonial profile as a free user on matrimonial website and trust me guys once you have made a login on it your mail box will start receiving lots of notifications about the profile who has viewed your profile, who has accepted/rejected your interest, who has shown interest in your profile and suitable matching profiles according to your profile.

My parents used to browse those profiles and then when they find a suitable profile they asked me to have a look and give my approval. Things were going on like this, one day my parents told me that one of their friend has told about a girl from Agra and her profile id on, It was Palak's profile and I liked it. I asked my parents to proceed further. When Palak came to know about such initiation from our side she become a bit worried and decided to talk to me first before proceeding.

Normally, my intention was to talk to the girl for some time before the face to face meeting but it was not always possible. We both felt that we need to first talk to each other on phone/chat to understand each other and we can not take a big decision of our life in those 10 minutes face to face meeting in a secluded room so we were talking.

Later on, we felt that we should meet each other before our parents meeting and exactly one year before I went to Agra to meet Palak. She told me that she will pick me from railway station but she didn't arrive when I have already reached there, actually it was raining that day and  she got stuck in traffic. I was waiting for her on the station and after some time I saw her coming on her Activa, she stopped and took off her helmet and came to me.On that moment dialogue of Aamir Khan from 3 Idiots were going through my mind.... 

"Tum apne scooter pe helmet pehen kar aati ho, aur phir apna helmet utar kar meri taraf aati ho and phir mujhe.... "

She was completely drenched due to the rain, so it was like "...Bheegi bheegi saari me yun thumke lagati tum..." we exchanged initial greetings and decided to go to some restaurant. Till this point when I saw her in real I was somewhat fallen for her, I asked her to park her Activa in station's parking and hire a auto rickshaw but she refused (I don't know why), she insisted me to hop on on her scooty. I did that, when she drove I was really singing in my mind

"...jaisa filmon main hota hai ho raha hai hoobahu

Zubi dubi zubi dubi pum pa ra zubi dubi para rum
zubi dubi zubi naache kyon paagal stupid mum..."

We went to a restaurant and talked there till the time of my return train, she dropped me back on railway station and I came to Noida. As the days were passing and as we were talking on phone after that meeting in Agra my so called infatuation was turning into a budding love but I didn't told her about this as still our parents have to meet and decide. We fixed the parents meeting and by this time we both were sure that if things goes fine between parents then we have made the right decision.

We went to Palak's relatives home for family meeting, she arrived after sometime,she was blushing and she was not uttering a word, I was continuously smiling to see talkative, charming,bubbly Palak to be silent and blushing. When we got our 10 minute cut in a different room then we laughed (matlab ek dum khul ke hass rahe the hum dono because our parents were not aware about our face to face meeting in Agra, before that family meeting they were only aware that we are talking on phone) and She said

Palak: ab kya baat karein hum log, hum to saari baatein pehle hi kar chuke hein.

Me: Haan wo to he but still hume ye 10-15 minute  baat to karni hi hogi.

Me: Waise Palak ji, aapko sharmana bhi aata to maine aaj hi dekha. Us din Agra me to tum badi bindaas thi. Aaj kya hua?

Palak: Arey itne saare log bethe hein to sharm to aayegi hi, ye ladkiyon ki baatein he tum nahin samjhoge.
Me: Chalo thik he koi baat nahin.

Palak: So, what do you think, what parents are gonna say?
Me: I don't know, I believe that if we are destined to spend our life each other then everything will go fine.
Palak: hmm.... I will not feel bad if it is a No, I will accept it as a decision of God.But, it was really nice  talking and interacting to you.
Me: hmm...same here
(Actually, we both have said those filmy dialogues but internally we both wanted it to be yes and we both have felt bad if it came to be No from either of parents. This we shared to each other later on )

Our meeting got over and we were asked to come out. After few private discussion between my parents and  my Chacha,chachi they said yes and then meri Parchi wahin kat gayi :)

So, this is how I met my wife. Below is my video wedding invitation which we shoot during our courtship period, if you are on my facebook friend list then you can also see this video here. I hopw you will like it.

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  1. too cute...waise sharmana to maine tumse expect kia tha,knowing u from school years! hehe

  2. @Abhilasha:He he, waise meri to pehle se baat ho rahi thi na to I was comfortable, haan waise otherwise it would been an awkward moment.

  3. Intrsting Man ..u shd fwd this to Imitiaz Ali ..and one more thing I also hav to tk care nw

  4. Interesting....
    I have also written how I met my husband...

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