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Being in NCR region from year 2002 I never did Dilli Darshan, every year I thought to plan for it in winters but some how the plan for it didn't work out. When I and Palak got married in Dec 2011, I planned to Dilli Darshan this time as that was the right time (winter season and a companion to roam with) so we did it in the month of Feb 2012 by HO HO bus service.You must be wondering why I am writing about it now, well, some of my friends asked me about my experience with HO HO bus service so I thought to pen it down which would be easy to refer.

HO HO Bus service initiative is very good, you can choose this service as you don't have to worry about finding a parking place and then parking your vehicle. Also, those who are not very much familiar with roads in Delhi then they must opt this service for sight seeing.

HO HO service covers in total of 19 places and you should have 2 days time for it because out of 19 places we were able to see only 6 places in a single day. HO HO purple color bus is every 45 minutes from each sight seeing place which means you get 45 minutes to spend at each place. Some places are very time taking like Red fort, Malls in Saket,Hauz Khas village, Dilli Haat so it is not possible to cover these places in 45 minutes so you may have to skip your next bus.

*** If you are planning to purchase handicrafts and other state wise cultural things from Dilli Haat then I must  tell you that prices are skyrocketing there. You can purchase the same items at much reasonable rate from either Chandni chowk (near to Red fort) or from the shops inside the red fort.***

The Ho Ho service includes many museums so, if you are not interested then you can skip these places and continue in the same bus for next point. It's ticket is of Rs 300 per person which is valid for two days (you can book ticket online from HO HO website). I went through snap deal in which ticket was of Rs 249 for two persons for a single day (if you are going thru snap deal then you have to redeem your voucher from CP office). HO HO service is from 8 am to 8 pm and you can board from any of the stops and purchase the ticket in the bus itself. The ticket cost will remain rs 300 for each person and it did not differ if you have skipped 5 places from the place of you are boarding.

One important thing to keep in mind is that all the monumental places which are going to be covered by HO HO tour having their timings i.e. most of the monuments are closed by 5-5:30 pm so plan your trip accordingly. Below is the timing chart of all destinations which is obtained from HO HO website

Bus service and the guide on board are good and quite satisfactory. Main thing is that HO HO bus services are on time at their spots.

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