Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A woman who killed her fetus

I know, from the topic of this post you might have guessed about which thing I am going to write.
On 5-May-2012, bollywood actor Aamir Khan’s show Satyamev Jayate got aired in which he raised/showed topic of female feticides in India. Show also talked about how ladies are mentally tortured by her husband and her in-laws to give a baby boy or abort the fetus if it is a girl. Educated and uneducated people of India are doing this, we can say that in majority, there are in-laws/husband who ask her daughter-in-law/wife to abort the girl fetus but the other fact which we cannot be ignored is that some pregnant woman also do this i.e. if a pregnant woman comes to know that the fetus is girl then she go for abortion with irrespective of what other members of her family want. Sounds cruel right? But it is also a fact.
I came to know about a family which has three children, two elder daughters and one son. The lady of this family gone through three abortions before giving birth to her son and the surprising fact is that she was so much lost in the desire to get a boy that this lady convinced her husband to go for abortion. In this case we cannot blame any other family member other than this lady.
There are also some cases where couple go for abortion because it happened by mistake and refer it as unwanted child. They are bringing a life in to this world and then they killed it just like erasing something with eraser.
Cases of female feticide are more but I believe male and female feticide should be stopped.


  1. Ankit you are right, sometimes it is the women too! But my question is, that how can a human be it the father, mother or in laws decide the fate of a child which has been conceived.
    There are ppl who pray and pray, but are childless and then there are those who don't give a fuck!

    Mindsets HAVE to change.
    And Change begins with US!

  2. Sakshi,

    I agree with you and that is the point I am making in my post, every child has the right to come in to this world being on purpose or by mistake.