Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Do you remember them?



I am sure you do if you are from 80’s or before 80’s. These were the TV which played black and white movie songs “Ramaiya Vasta Vaiya, Ramaiya Vasta Vaiya….”. If we go back in that time then those were the days when black and white televisions were getting popular and people were getting them from the market. Those who were not able to purchase it they used to get it on rent to watch Sunday Programs mainly Chitrahar and movies on Doordarshan.

From my faded memory I remember that we also got Weston’s Black and white TV. At that time, these Televisions were not providing power of remote control. Channels required to be changed manually from the control button on TV of course by the person who thinks himself/herself as capable of handling TV while these days buttons on TV are hidden somewhere in the television frame so that they do not spoil beauty of Television set.

Today we can watch TV on our cell phone while there was a time when people used to gather outside of that house which has Television and  start peeking from windows to look at the score of Live telecasted cricket match. Even TV owner do not mind people standing outside of their house. When Doordarshan played movies on Saturday and Sunday then people used to call their friends and family member to watch that movie on that innovative technological box. I remember when people or in fact I used to climb on roof to adjust the antenna to make picture quality clear and ask “Thik hua??….ab thik hua kya…ab hua kya?”

I remember when cable TV/private channels started people were much excited to see more than one channel on TV. Today as there are n number of channels we fight with each other to view a particular TV channel or we just zap channels to search some interesting content while in that time there were no such options, whole family used to sit together to watch whatever channel was showing. It was like a team building exercise which involved cooperation and satisfaction but nowadays everyone has got TV in their room and all watch what they want to watch.

One thing is common between that time and today which is, still most of the homes have one TV but with the difference that  either One is watching the TV channel of his/her choice or one is just watching it. Previously there was no remote control and these days one has to keep two remote controls with them, one for the TV and one for the STB, thanks for the STB providers.

There was nothing like Parent control as Doordarshan never showed such content and Doordarshan used to be the very important channel at that time and today no one watch it, in fact I have even not tuned it on my TV. The fact is that being a government channel it is still free to air from the 80’s or may be before that to till date.

Technology has/is made/making TV slimmer and slimmer day by day while human is getting bulged day by day and below cartoon from internet shows that.

Our next generation will never see old black and white Television sets and we can tell them that we have witnessed the launching of cable TV and DTH, IPTV Settop boxes.

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