Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Show Off

We have often heard that these days Marriages are a medium for show off. Things like kind of decorations, varieties of food, kind of Marriage hall or farm house etc one has opted shows status of that family. Show off starts right from the marriage invitation card i.e. Marriage invitation card itself indicates which kind of marriage one is going to have.
Show off from the type of Wedding invitation card can be understandable but show off from the content of wedding invitation card is some thing which can not be explained. One of my colleague who belongs to Tamilnadu  is getting married and when we (our team) received his invitation card we were not able to believe our eyes. However we were not able to understand his card as it was printed in Tamil but few words in that card grabbed our eyes which made me write this post.
Below are the edited scanned version of his card which we got on our email.
This one is quite normal
but the next one is not
I believe you are familiar with most of the qualifications which can be seen above but if you are not aware about TNEB then it is Tamil Nadu Electricity Board. Tradition of mentioning highest qualification with the name of bride and groom can also be seen in North India but for the first time I saw the designation and qualification of whole family mentioned in the wedding invitation card.
Next one is super cool :)
Groom’s name is printed with his qualification, designation, company name and location. RSVP list also has qualifications.
This may be the trend of marriages from Tamilnadu and I believe not only me but you have also not seen a wedding invitation card like this.
***Disclaimer:Intention of this post is not to make fun of any community or individual. Purpose of this post is to show the different things which people are doing these days.***

##Keep reading and stay blessed##


  1. To be honest with you, my dada ji's wedding card had his education qualification next to his name :P
    But that was the first and the last of it! :D
    No one in my family has ever done that..
    Though, without hurting any one's feelings- This is WEIRD!

  2. Sakshi:

    How did you manage to see your Dadaji's wedding card? :)

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