Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Apartment

Haanji!! kya haal chaal? sab badiya, ek dum mast, tip taap?
I hope ki sab badiya ho at your end.
Well, I wanted to write this post before my post Show off but I was not able to stop myself to write it (why? read it and know it).

So, we have shifted to a new apartment in a different society in same area. I don’t know why but I kinda love this area (Indirapuram) and when we came to know that we need to look for a new rented apartment then moving out of this area was not on my list. I am living in this area from the past 5 years and that might be the reason for my love to this area and its proximity.

It was a month’s effort on property websites and interaction with property dealers to search a rented apartment which suits our requirements. I cracked this deal by the medium of an add posted on one of the property website (yes, no brokerage) and I felt good to see that still some land lord post their property’s advertisement on internet rather than including property dealers who let their apartment on a rent amount which actually do not deserve to be.

Process of finding a rented apartment includes various questions from property dealers and land lord which we (I and Palak) found sometimes funny and sometimes very weird, some of the Q&A were:-
  • LL: “Aapko apne liye chahiye ya kisi aur k liye?”
Me: Apne liye chahiye.
  • LL:“Aap dealer he ya party?”
Me: Hum party and hum bahut party karte hein :)
Me: I mean hum party he…hume hi ghar chahiye.
  • LL:“Kitne log he aapki family me?”
Me: Hum do log he, kyun?
LL: Actually, jis family me bacche hote hein hum unhe ghar nahin dete rent pe kyunki bacche ghar kharab kar dete hein.
Me: Ohh, that means aapke bacche nahin he.
LL: Excuse me! aisa kyun lagta he aapko?
Me: aapko ghar se jyada pyaar he na isiliye, never mind.
  • PD:“Aap kahan aur kya kaam karte hein?”
Me: Noida me, Software company me, kyun?
PD: Accha software me ho, phir to thik he, wo kya he na ki software waale jyada much much nahin karte.
  • PD:“Aap kahan se belong karte hein?”
  • LL:“Aapne padhai kahan se ki he?”
Me: Street light k neeche, sadak pe. Kyun aap ghar rent pe nahin doge kya?
LL: Nahin wo baat nahin he, I just want to check whether you are a professional or not. Kabhi kabhi kuch dada type k log aa jate hein.
Once a lady asked me (who was staying in a house as a tenant which we went to see)
  • Lady: Aap kahan kaam karte hein?
Me: Ji, wo main aapke Land lord ko bta chuka hoon, aap ghar dikha dijiye.
Lady: Nahin phir bhi kahan aur kya kaam karte ho?
Me (frustrated): I am Ankit Garg and I like movies a lot, I use my motor cycle to go for Movie on every weekend and I like to whistle and throw coins on Movie screen when a good scene comes. I like to play cricket inside movie hall and regularly drink Pepsi because it changes the game. I also go to Noida for bike ride and for job. (Palak started smiling)
Lady: Accha, Motorcycle se Noida jaate ho job k liye, ok.
Me: haanji
In this area rent pe ghar dhoondhna wo bhi without broker is like aiming in the eye of a revolving fish with bow and arrow by looking at its mirror image. We went through this life learning lesson and realized that real estate sector is really booming and rates are touching sky these days. After all this jostling when we finalized our deal we took a breath of relief and tighten our back for shifting.

Two days before shifting to new apartment we started packing and then we actually saw how much things we have in this 2 BHK. Palak said “OMG! itna samaan aaya kahan se…..kitna samaan he yaar humare pass”. Whatever it was we had to pack and we had cartons, cartons and cartons every where.

Some how we got shifted to our battle won apartment with the help packers movers and got settled, but, still struggling to get broad band connection. Bechara humara laptop, from the day we came in to our new apartment it did not get the chance to connect itself to its peers in this electronic virtual word, it has not even come out of backpack.

Arey!! sabse important baat,Many thanks to the god that Maids in this society are not rowdy and raunchy like maids in old society otherwise we have to again go through hiring and tantrums of kaam waali bai as I told before. I told Palak that she is lucky this time with the maid and lets hope this new home brings us more good luck. Fingers are crossed.


  1. hahaha... "Hum party hain and hum bahut party karte hain" LOLest moment..

  2. Hey Ankit, i really enjoy reading your blogs... They are very true to life..


  3. Prakahar:

    "LoLest moment" ha ha

  4. well i m happy that u finally cracked the da vinci code

  5. well i m happy that u finally cracked the da vinci code

  6. well i m happy that u finally cracked the da vinci code