Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Master of Social Engineering

***Disclaimer: This post is written with the experiences shared by my colleagues and friends in their own corporate life. The purpose of this post is not to hurt feelings of anyone.***

Masters of Science…oops… Social Engineering is a qualification which can be given to a person who is master in social engineering. You must be thinking that it is like that only, isn’t it? Yes, you are right but I am not referring to actual degree of MSe which universities provides, I am referring to the degree which are given by friends and colleagues to a person who is good in social activities.

As any qualified person can use his/her degree either in good way or in bad way same is applicable to Masters of SE, some people use it for the help of others and society but some use it for the help of themselves. Such people can be found in your office, in your social life or at any other place which has involvement of many people.

Let’s talk about office, in office or in your team you can find an MSe easily, such people become your good office friend and they are involved with you in official work and in your office social life. They laugh with you, they go with you anywhere but, when the moment of doing some work comes they start wiping sweat from their head and silently ask fellow colleague “yaar, ye dekhna kya he, dekhna zara isme kya karna he”. On such request if a fellow colleague helps him/her then they start giving instructions as if they know whole thing. They want full credit of the work assigned to him/her but they do not want to do it as they try to accomplish it through their social engineering skills.
                It’s not bad to help your fellow colleague but always helping them in each and every tasks allotted to him/her is not correct and it clearly shows that this person is incompetent. Such behaviors and practices effects team spirit. Team members refrain themselves to complain as their emotions stop them.

The good part is that irrespective of the gags you do on them such people never get angry or irritated because they know they have to bear this if they want to be in the same team. They never take any panga with anyone and they are always ready to take out their wallet to make a payment.

We have always heard about team work and such people gets benefit of team work, they do not contribute anything but take contribution from others and its always a dilemma to either complain about such people or to keep helping them and save their job.


  1. You know what they say about having all kinds of fish in the pond.. you have to live with it, I guess!

  2. Sakshi: Yes. It is also said that small fishes are always eaten by Big fish but here big fish is saving this small fish from biggest fish :)

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  4. I like to know what will be ur step if you will be at the big fish position . Will u save the person from biggest fish

  5. @Kumar:Well, that's a dilemma, if one think from a true professional view then one should not save him from biggest fish and why shouldn't one think from a true professional view as we are working in a professional job but if one think from a friend's perspective then one will give him one more chance.

    If I am on such position then I will tell him clearly that whatever he is doing is not right and he should improve. If he continues his behavior then instead of releasing him to HR pool I will give him another shot by adjusting him in some other role/project and after that his fate will decide whether to keep him in new role/project or to go on bench.