Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Desperate Housewife

As I was suffering from fever, body ache and coughing from last Thursday I was at home, yes.. you are right, no office before Monday which made me lying on the bed all the time like a lazy lion in its cave. Initially, I thought being at home for three days would be like a king taking part in a festival of laziness but it didn’t happened L had to work from home for some urgent issues but still I was a King in power who was getting his meals right on the bed with no help provided to queen (Palak) in preparation of those meals.

Apart from WFH (work from home) I was sleeping all the time due to the effect of meds which I took for my recovery. I saw that how desperately Palak is taking care of mine (so that I can get well soon and loose all these powers of King to the queen ;) ) and since she is not working for the time being how desperately she watch Desperate Housewives all the time on Star World. Every time I am half woken I saw Star World tuned on Television playing Desperate Housewives. Being Irritated I asked her

Me: “How many times in a day  Desperate Housewives comes on  Star World?? Don’t they have any other Tele-series to play?”

Palak: “Four times in a day and they have other series too like Joey, Two and a Half Men etc”.

Me: “Oh is it, but, why I see Desperate Housewives all the time on TV?

Palak: “You always wake up when DH is playing so what can I do in this and what should I do when you are asleep?

Me: “Oh..  am I sleeping that much? Btw, you should contact channel Star World and tell them that you are one of the contributor for the increase in their TRP”.

She just grinned, I thought I have already lost my authority to TV Remote control so it’s better to let her watch what she wants otherwise I will lose my only enjoyable “power to order” for the time I am sick.

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