Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I don’t know what should I name this post so I leave it up to you.

Last week Saturday I was at nearby post office to send some documents through speed post. Since it was an off day for most of the people so there was a long queue on speed post counter and everyone was waiting impatiently for their turn, so does I. I saw that a attractive smart lady came in to the post office and started enquiring about something on some other counter. Later, she came to know that she has to be the part of that big queue of speed post, so, unwillingly she get queued.

She stood there for 5 minutes and being  not able to control her patience she stepped out of the queue and went straight to the counter and said “Can you please take my package, I have to go, I have a small child to take care”. Counter executive rudely said “Madam, please come in to the queue, I cannot accept your package like this. All the people in the queue will yell at me”. She turned around and asked the person who was next for billing to help her. She again said that emotional dialogue “I have to go, I have a small child to take care”. That person got persuaded with her plea and took her package for billing. All people behind in the queue saw this but nobody said anything on this and no one can say until a person has more than 4 package for speed post.

She said thanks and left the post office. I thought that “it’s okay, maybe she has a small kid who needs her attention asap”. My package got billed and I left post office after standing for half an hour.

Since it was a weekend we decided to go for a night show movie in a nearby multiplex. During interval, in the next row down to mine I saw that that same lady (who made an escape from big queue of speed post) was there with her husband and Surprise Surprise!! There was no kid with them. I was astonished to see that how smarlty <actually the word should be something different to signify that  lame act of her> she escaped that queue. She has kind of conned everyone in that line.

I wanted to go ask her “Lady, where is your child now? Doesn’t he/she needs your acute attention like in morning?” but I didn’t.

Ab ye to wohi baat he ki girls/ladies kuch bhi karein unhe sab maaf he, kabhi koi ladka aisa kare to log use simply pyaar se gaali de kar hata dete hein (like in queue at ticket counter on Railway Station, if some body goes to counter and says "Bhaiya,mera ticket le do, meri train choot jayegi" to peeche se aawaz aati he "*****/Oye Hero!! Line me aaja, hum sabki train choot rahi he"). Below posted video implies what I am saying here...

All I can say is that one can never expect such kind of thing from an smart and educated (beautiful too)person.

Note: This post is similar to my two earlier posts Sentiyapa and Emotional Atayachar.

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