Friday, February 24, 2012


“Saheb, we have to go Maharashtra and I have no money to fed my children, they are very hungry, please do some help Saheb, I am feeling very shameful to beg like this but I am helpless right now. ”

I heard above words when I was coming back from a near by restaurant (although there are many in Indirapuram area) with our packed dinner. For a while I thought is it the same kind of situation like Congiri or Emotional Atyachar which happened to me before? Yes it was, but, taking a lesson from that situation I enquired him more about how he came here and how he lost his money. He told me some reason for his condition which can be believed or not but my soul did not allow me to go with out helping him while I was carrying dinner of Rs 200.

Thinking/assuming that he might be  ek din ka misfortune king like I was in my dream I asked him to hop-on on my bike and took him to near by Parantha Khoka. I bought him five paranthas and dropped him at the place where he was before. My antar aatma asked me to cross check whether he is still conning or just having those paranthas with his family. I moved from there and stood at a place from where I can see him but he can not see me, he had those paranthas with family and moved from that place.

I don’t know if he went to some other place to con or if he was really looking for some food for his family but what I do know is that he had that food and spending some bucks on a hungry person do not cost you more. At that moment when he requested me to help him suddenly one of the shared photo on Facebook flashed in to my eyes which said “Hotel me waiter ko 20 rs tip dene me zor nahin padta par kisi bhooke ko 20 Rs dene me jaan nikal jaati he…. and something something…”.

May be I have helped him because I saw that photo; I believe some time a person in such kind of situation is not conning and really need helps but it is also true that “Gehu k saath Ghun to pista hi he.”
PS:Term Sentiyapa refers to a situation in which people do senti talks and make you senti to accomplish their motive or convince you to do that thing which they want you to do.

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