Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Quick tips for Amritsar

Amritsar, a city which is commonly famous for Golden Temple,Jallianwala bagh and Wagah Border has some other famous things too which are:-

1. Amritsari Naan,
2. Cholle Bhature.
3. Lassi and Phirni.
4. Amritsari Paranthe and Kulche.
5. Ladies Phulkari and Patiala Suits.
6. Papad and Vadi.
7. Pani poori on Amritsari streets is totally different and worth trying.
If you are a foodie and by any chance you are in Amritsar then it will be a mouth watering treat for you being there. If you are planning to go Amritsar then please go through below mentioned tips once:-

1. All tourist places in Amritsar can be covered in one single day starting from 8 am to 8 pm. Reach Amritsar up to night, take rest, next day get up early and reach Golden Temple by 9 am so that you can avoid large queue. Golden Temple itself will take 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs if you do all things like bathing in the holy pond and taking langar.

2. Next tourist spot which is very close to Golden Temple is Jallianwala bagh. There is no entry fees to it and it is open till 8 pm. You can see light and sound show here.

3. After Golden Temple and Jallianwala bagh you can go to cloth market of Amritsar where you can purchase Patiala and Phulkari ladies suit.

4.  Next comes Durgayni Temple. Durgayni temple is a temple of various Hindu God and Goddess and it is a replica of Golden Temple. One famous Hanuman temple is very near to it. In this Hanuman temple, kids of lord Ram Luv and Kush tied Lord Hanuman with a tree and left him for the day.

5. After Durgayni Temple you can go to Vaishno Temple which is near to Amritsar Railway Station. This temple has caves and very fantastic glass work on walls. This is a must visit temple.

6. Lastly comes the Wagah Border and Atari Railway Station. There is no ticket charge for Wagah border and for Wagah border you should reach there by at least 3:30 pm if you do not have VIP Pass. People start gathering from 3:00 pm and BSF officers ask people to make a separate ladies and gents queue which becomes large by 4:00 pm. First they do security check to all and then they allow to go inside. After security check people start running like anything to grab the front row seat of stadium.

There is a separate section for foreigners so they do not have to rush.

The Flag ceremony starts at 5:00 pm and ends at 5:30 pm. The whole atmosphere at Wagah border is very patriotic. If you have VIP pass then you can reach Wagah border by 4:00 pm and go inside with out any hassle as your seat would be reserved.
Atari Railway station is last station of India. Indian Railway operates a cross border train service to Lahore from Atari. This station is on the way to Wagah Border and if you have your own vehicle then you can go there.

Reaching Amritsar:
There are flights and trains to Amritsar. You can opt any option.

Hotels in Amritsar:
Hotels near Railway station are economic and good. Hotels near Golden Temple are expensive. There are many hotels which can be booked through internet with a starting price of Rs 800.

Sight Seeing in Amritsar:
There are various taxi and auto rickshaw operators who have whole package on a cost of Rs 700 and Rs 400 respectively for sight seeing which includes Golden Temple, Jallianwala bagh, cloth market, Durgayni temple, Vaishno temple and Wagah Border. There price is negotiable, i paid Rs 700 for a private taxi.
These operators also have taxi and auto service on a sharing basis which would cost cheaper.

Food Joints
Once you reach Golden Temple you will find many nearby food joints to enjoy awesome food there. Dominos and CCD are available near Golden Temple. Two near by local restaurant Brother’s and Bharwan are good.

Near Jallianwala bagh you can purchase Papad, Aam papad, Vadiyan etc. You can take a cycle rickshaw and go to Cloth market for purchasing.

Note: Always do some bargaining on everything except restaurants. People there ask more for everything.


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