Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Life today has become So 'LESS'....

Phone: Cordless.
Cooking: Fire less.
Food: Fat less.
Dress: Sleeveless.
Youth: Jobless.
Leaders: Shameless.
Govt: Hopeless.
Job: Thankless.
Police: Clueless.
Policies: Aimless.
Conduct: Worthless.
Relations: Meaningless.
Attitude: Careless.
Feelings: Heartless.
Education: Valueless.
Arguments: Baseless.
Days: Restless.
Nights: Sleepless.
Future: Direction less.
& Still d Expectations are ENDLESS....

Have a nice time and enjoy ur Cup of Tea: Sugarless.. :) 

PS: Read it somewhere on Internet.

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