Thursday, February 9, 2012

Inside Men Rest Room

Note: By looking at the title of this post I hope you must have get the idea about which thing this post is.So, if you don’t want to continue please stop it right here, go read something good and if you do then please read on.

I am here after a long break.Since I got married my life get super busy with all stuffs (what kind of stuff? Well, explaining them requires a separate blog entry.So, not this time) which are related to marriage but it’s good I am here today.

Working in an office with strength of 1200 employees gives lot of things to observe (a aaannn…..not that one this time :) ) apart from doing Facebook, watching TV,reading online newspaper and last but not the least assigned office work.

One day my chair’s adjustability stopped working and that day I realized how much my chair was getting molested when a person of 80 Kg used to seat at it continuously for 6-8 hours in different positions. I saw that my chair’s foam took some time to regain its original shape;So from that day onwards I decided to being kind and spare my chair by developing a habit of drinking water very frequently. Drinking water frequently makes you urinate frequently and your trips to Rest room.

Going to Rest room frequently forced me to observe the sign board (HE,HIS, KING, MALE Symbol etc) and other things happening inside it. Sometimes the door itself welcomes me and let me in (like a shopkeeper does when his regular client comes ;) )…wondering how…it happens when a person pulls the door of washroom to come out of it. Well, on stepping inside I observed following things:-

1. All mirrors were busy with people standing in front of them. Some of them were washing their hands and some of them were restructuring their hair style. The reason behind using word “restructuring” is mentioned in point 5.

2. Some people just come to quickly wash their hands with out using soap, some barge in to check themselves in mirror, adjust their clothes, adjust their hairs by making their fingers as comb or use comb if they have it.

3. Some are inside the wooden cubicles,

3.1 Making loud bombardments and wait outside area to be silent i.e. wait when no one is outside so that they can come out with pride feeling light without hiding their face otherwise they come out quietly, with head down seeing no body, wash their hands and get out of rest room as if they have committed some crime.

3.2 Did it quietly, come out with pride and attitude as if they have won a war or delivered a project before deadline.

4. Some were seen fighting with paper towel or hand dryer.

5. Some people were seen restructuring their hair style, making spikes using water or a small sachet of hair oil to look dude. These are those who get plenty of time only for their looks. They comb their hairs again and again until it satisfy him.

6. The most busiest area is Urinals. You can see different styles or gestures here:-

6.1 Some people do it by putting both hands in their pockets as if they have instructed it to always aim to the right place :)

6.2 Some people do it by putting one hand at their waist and looking upwards in the air and feels as if they have reached to heaven.

6.3 Some people do it by looking left and right making others uncomfortable.

6.4 Some people do it in a very jolly mood by singing a song.

6.5 Some people do it by looking around and starts talking if they saw any known person next to him. I think this should not be allowed, no one should come between you and your pee.

6.6 Some people do it while talking on phone or laughing loudly making others think “Is anything wrong what we are doing here”.

6.7 Some have plenty of time to do it, they put their hand on the partition of two urinals, slightly bend towards it and look straight and release.

6.8 When all Urinals are occupied some people sacrifice their chance to get urinal if the boss comes in the queue while some dies to get that chance.


I believe there are such more things which remain inside the four walls of rest room. I Hope you have enjoyed it.

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  1. Ha ha....worth reading it. I wonder how much time you stand there to observer all this :)