Saturday, May 7, 2011



Of course I can do it and why in the world shouldn’t I? I am engineer not a MCA or BCA like you.”

Above was my statement when one of my colleague said to me “Why are you taking pain to get this component solder on this STB? Why didn’t you told him to pass this matter to admin guys so that they will arrange a electrician to do it.Btw, why are you trying your hand on it when you can’t do it, can you?”

Actually, while working on the STB (Set top box) I came to know that a particular electronic component need to be solder on it which was supposed to be done by manufacturing unit of the STB vendor.So I asked my boss about it and he asked me whether I can do it myself or not.

I said yes to him not because of the fact that I will save some bucks to the company or to the project costing but because of my interest to open things and repair them either in right manner or by Jugaad.

Well, now I feel that my engineering is not completely waste. It is of some use in day to day life. It’s good that in first year of engineering students have to learn ED (Engineering Drawing), carpentry, machinery, electricianity etc so that a Engineer can do anything. ( as proved in jokes between Engineers and other people). Open-mouthed smile

Some body has said “Things you learn in your life anywhere or anytime will not go waste. At some point it will become useful.”

PS: Later on, I realized that My boss is MCA. Smile(Well, no offense to MCA/BCA guys).

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