Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Smoky Time.


“What the hell is going here? what these loads of vehicles are doing here?”…. was the thought in my mind when I was crossing JSS Engineering college (I usually cross JSS Engineering college on my way back to home from office). Later on, I realized that these vehicles were parked outside JSS college due to the semester exams of Uttar Pradesh Technical University.

How can we forget UPTU and its semester exams which are used to happen in Dec/Jan and May/June of every year. It is like we have just passed out from this university but in reality its been 5 years now since we became graduate from this premier university (premier word used of course in sarcastic way).

Time has really passed out like a rising smoke from a fire. All those days and time started to flow in front of my eyes when guys from Electrical and Electronics branch came out of examination hall with plane face and song “ye kya ho gya rama re….”  on their lips. Some times the same situation happens with guys from other branches also.

Each and every student has a same question to vice chancellor of this university “Saale tere baap se bhi ye paper solve nahin hoga to hum kya ghanta ukhaad lenge is paper me? padhaoge UP board k school jaisa and paper banaoge IITian waala” Smile

There is a saying for all graduates from UPTU: From this university if you have passed your graduation with out a single back(supplimentary paper)  then your degree is just a waste. Getting back from UPTU baba is a chamatkari prasad (a divine offering) which bless you to have a good and successful professional life.

Each and every moment spent in our college life is precious and unforgettable. Some times I feel…

“Those were the days and those were the time when we used to enjoy and dance on our own rhyme.All those moments and all those weird  whims became a smoke which get flown with the wind of time.”

I hope every UPTUian feels in the same way.

Saturday, May 7, 2011



Of course I can do it and why in the world shouldn’t I? I am engineer not a MCA or BCA like you.”

Above was my statement when one of my colleague said to me “Why are you taking pain to get this component solder on this STB? Why didn’t you told him to pass this matter to admin guys so that they will arrange a electrician to do it.Btw, why are you trying your hand on it when you can’t do it, can you?”

Actually, while working on the STB (Set top box) I came to know that a particular electronic component need to be solder on it which was supposed to be done by manufacturing unit of the STB vendor.So I asked my boss about it and he asked me whether I can do it myself or not.

I said yes to him not because of the fact that I will save some bucks to the company or to the project costing but because of my interest to open things and repair them either in right manner or by Jugaad.

Well, now I feel that my engineering is not completely waste. It is of some use in day to day life. It’s good that in first year of engineering students have to learn ED (Engineering Drawing), carpentry, machinery, electricianity etc so that a Engineer can do anything. ( as proved in jokes between Engineers and other people). Open-mouthed smile

Some body has said “Things you learn in your life anywhere or anytime will not go waste. At some point it will become useful.”

PS: Later on, I realized that My boss is MCA. Smile(Well, no offense to MCA/BCA guys).

Monday, May 2, 2011

What a Monday Morning!!

What a Monday Morning.....got all green lights on my way to office and got five ATM out of service....hence no cash in my wallet.(Now I am totally on plastic cards).

Let's see what else is planned for me.