Friday, April 22, 2011

Saale Kaminey!!

Some times when we are in our friend circle and talking with each other on some topic, a situation occurs on which you have experience but you don't want to tell your friends that actually you had experienced it due to fear that all of 'em will make fun of you and but the your innersole is so impatient that you can not control yourself bursting out so you start telling it by taking example of your imaginary friend or an imaginary unknown person. For ex:-

Situation/Topic of discussion: Have you ever been to a ladies loo?

You: " Arey Yaar, I have one friend who mistakenly got in to a ladies loo, he went inside, pissed very calmly as he got into the heaven and he came to know about it when a guy crossed him making some weird expressions on him and entered other door just beside the door from where he was exiting....".

All of your friend burst laughing out on this along with you and you had a thought inside your mind...."Dekha, kaise sab lot pot ho rahe hein....agar main apni sachai bta deta to ye log to mujhe chodte hi nahin". Then, one of your friend ask you "who was he....naam to bta" and then you say "Chodna yaar....naam kya batau". (The person whose fun you just made does not exist so you can't tell a name or may be a name which do not exist in your far far friend list).

There are also other situations with good or bad experiences where we portray ourselves as some other person to hide our truth but there is always one Kamina friend who interprets that its you only and not anybody else although this friend will not expose you in front of every body but later he will surely say to you "Saale Kaminey!! tu hi tha na wo... saale kisi aur ka naam lekar apni kahani suna raha he.... bol should I tell everybody?" :)

Have you ever wondered how many times we have portrayed our self to an imaginary friend or an imaginary unknown person to discuss our own problems, good/bad experiences with our friends and have you figured out your Kamina friend?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Its Awesome.

  • Reviving old good memories is good but reviving them with old friends is awesome.
  • Having a sip of coffee is good but having it with old friends is awesome.
  • Meeting friends is good but meeting very old friends is awesome.
  • Having excitement to meet friends is good but saying "Aur batao" again and again to them with a feeling of bursting out is awesome.
  • Discussing old bad things is not good but still discussing them again and laughing at them is awesome.
  • Mocking some one is not good but recalling our teachers funny names is awesome...

 Spending time with friends is just AwEsOmE.