Friday, March 11, 2011

Small IT World.

Most of us who are working in IT industry have heard or even said "It's a small IT world, our paths will cross again", I  realised this saying holds totally valid the moment I met a person in my office.

Eight months back I was striving for a job change, one day my resume got short listed by a very big product based IT company (lets say it as XYZ) in Noida (Sorry, I can't disclose the name) and they schedule me for a Face to Face interview. I was very excited and little bit nervous about my F2F interaction as this is the company for which I always wanted to work. On the scheduled day (which was going to be a big day for me) and time, I was there sitting on the couch, reading faces of other candidates, inhaling and exhaling to keep myself cool and waiting for my call to have F2F interaction. Half an hour passed and I was called for the interview, I entered the room, one skinny man and one short guy was there and things got started.

It was a good shot from my side in Linux and programming although I was not able to give two answers from the shell scripting. I thought shell scripting part will not matter but I never imagined in my dreams that my lack of knowledge of two shell script commands will really matter.....Yes, I was not selected and my feedback was "Candidate is not good in shell scripting". By just asking two commands in shell scripting they decided my fate with that company. My expectations and excitement got shattered like a glass fell from a window pane from 20th floor of a building. I came out from premises of that company, looked back and said "Better luck next time big boy and Fuck those interviewers, they are not capable enough to see your capabilities".

My job change spree continued, after a month My company got some new requirements and they included me in the interview panel for hiring new people, so, I was taking interviews and giving interviews outside :).

          On a Weekend Walk-in drive, I was there in my company taking interviews. I got resume of one candidate, I went to the waiting area and called up the name, the person holding that name stood up and I was completely flabbergast  to see him as he was the same short guy who took my interview in that big company XYZ and rejected me for not answering two shell script command.

When he saw me, he also got that who I am and what he did to me.......OMG!!....what the moment it was... I intentionally saw him from top to bottom to top and asked him to follow me. While I was leading him towards interview room I was giggling, jumping on my feets, my eyes were gleaming like Devil's eyes and I was thanking to god for giving me this auspicious chance to take my revenge. The only thing which was roaming in my mind is "Aaja Beta, aaj table ulti ghoom gayi he....main batata hoon tujhe interview kise kehte hein". When he was sitting in front of me, my teeth were pressuring each other from top to bottom, my fingers were clenched together, I was thinking like what should I do to him but my professional etiquettes asked me to control....

I took his interview for 1.5 hours, asked him load of questions making him pale and gave my decision to HR team. I took my revenge and I didn't took my revenge.

This was my first experience of small IT world.

After Diwali 2010, I relocated myself to a new rented house in a society and you won't believe that one fine morning in my society I met that guy again. We crossed each other by looking each others face, we didn't talked but our silence talked a lot.

So, it is not only IT world which is small in fact whole world is small.

PS: Those who know me well  can figure out what exactly I did to him, rejected or selected.


  1. Your post seems totally true. IT industry is really a small world.