Monday, February 14, 2011

Dear My Love.

Dear (Yet to be come) My Love,

Where ever you are on this planet, I wish you a very Happy Valentine Day
and I hope you will celebrate this day in a same manner as I am
celebrating it from the past 26 years.
To be a lil bit more romantic, every year is a valentine year, every
month is a valentine month, every day is a valentine day and every hour
is a valentine hour (skipping minutes,seconds and nano seconds) but
let's stick to this single day to celebrate it with whole world.

I hope we will meet soon (although 26 years have passed in waiting) and
make a gr8 pair to remove the tag "Single" from our social public profiles.

Till then buy yourself a good dinner, a bunch of flowers, a good gift
and enjoy this full of love day.

Your's Eagerly and Desperately Waiting.

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