Friday, February 25, 2011


This morninn I was thinking about it and asking myself, what is Addiction? and that moment the Pantry boy of my office came and placed a cuppa tea on my desk. I was looking at this cuppa tea whether I should take it or not, suddenly, I felt that my heart and my brain are talking to each other and saying some thing to me.The conversation as follows:-


Heart: take it.

Brain: Don't take it, you already had two since morning and this'll  be your third.

Heart: C'mon dude! grab that nicotine liquid before it cools down.

Brain: Heart, why are you forcing him to take that, it'll harm you.

Heart: Dear Brain, I am insisting him to take it because it'll make you feel relax. You are the master of the body after all, you need to work so hard for every part of the body.

Brain: Nice to know that you care for me but if m the master then you should listen to me.

Heart: Don't you worry Boss, I'll make a situation in which this body will do some work out and that hazardous nicotine will get digest.

Brain: Are you sure about creating such situation?? I have not seen a situation up till now where I need to send a signal to this body to do workout.Ultimately, I need to take care of all mangled things in night when this lazy, careless body is sleeping.

Heart: Boss, you crib so much...don't you.....c'mon grow me... send signal to hand to grab that cuppa tea.


and I grabbed that tea and gulped it.So, I feel that addiction is something which your heart always ask you to do again and again being it  for tea/coffee, cigarette, alcohol

Technically, our Brain is controlling us but logically our heart is controlling our brain and supersedes it sometime (may be all the time).


PS: Yes, I am addicted to Tea.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Dear My Love.

Dear (Yet to be come) My Love,

Where ever you are on this planet, I wish you a very Happy Valentine Day
and I hope you will celebrate this day in a same manner as I am
celebrating it from the past 26 years.
To be a lil bit more romantic, every year is a valentine year, every
month is a valentine month, every day is a valentine day and every hour
is a valentine hour (skipping minutes,seconds and nano seconds) but
let's stick to this single day to celebrate it with whole world.

I hope we will meet soon (although 26 years have passed in waiting) and
make a gr8 pair to remove the tag "Single" from our social public profiles.

Till then buy yourself a good dinner, a bunch of flowers, a good gift
and enjoy this full of love day.

Your's Eagerly and Desperately Waiting.