Monday, August 16, 2010

Anything (Kuch Bhi)

Some times English word “Anything” becomes most confusing specially when you ask your friend or partner about some thing and they just reply anything which is most annoying answer at that time.

Some of the such situations are:

Restaurant:What should we have for dinner?

Anything (Kuch Bhi) .

Deserts:Which Ice cream do you want to have?

Anything (Kuch Bhi).

Relation:We are going first time to his house, what should we take for him?

Anything (Kuch Bhi).

Shopping:Which type of jeans do you prefer to wear, Straight fit, narrow fit,Low waist?

Anything (Kuch Bhi). No particular type.

Television:Do you want to watch any specific channel?

Anything (Kuch Bhi).

Cake Shop: Which one you want to have?

Anything (Kuch Bhi).


and the worst situation comes when this word anytime get transformed in to anywhere and anytime like:-

Where we should go to have fun?

Anywhere (Kahin bhi).

Okay, but at what time?

Anytime (Kisi bhi time).

We can see such more examples from daily life. At that time you may get annoyed but later on when we think about it than we realize that these words comes out when the person who is asked some thing himself is not so sure or don’t know about the things. At that time these words comes like Anything. :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Independence Day


Let's remember the sacrifice given by great people who brought this independence to us, Let's start giving value to that sacrifice and Let's make India to that India which our great leaders has dreamed.

Happy Independence Day.