Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lady in the Gogs

Why BPO section of a company have more pretty girls as compared to IT section? This imbalance of pretty girls leads IT guys to woo every other pretty girl walking down in the company premises.
Whenever a new girl get spotted in the company premises, two speculations are made:-
1. If she is looking like every other girl i.e. a girl in formals (not very stylish cloths) with less makeup carrying a descent hand bag than she is in the IT department.
2. If she is looking like a girl with Sun glasses either on her eyes or on her head, having more makeup, funky hand bag and stylish cloths than she is in BPO department.
When speculation second is valid than all eyes escorts her un till the moment she disappears.
Some Software firms maintains male to female ratio in a team and some do not believe in such kind of ratio, I am working in the second type of software firm so whenever a new girl walks down on the floor all guys who were working very seriously in their respective module do not miss the chance to have a glance at new girl apart from the fact that before hearing the news about that new girl they were completely lost in their screen.
One fine day we were discussing about something and all team members except one were facing towards the window and the one was facing towards the bay (space between two cubicles which is used to commute on the floor), during the discussion he suddenly rose his eye brows and his eyes became wide. This gesture of him was enough for all of us to conclude that he just saw a new good looking girl on our floor.We all asked him “What is it ??” he said “A girl in the Gogs..”
We all turned our face backwards and 10 eyes were searching for that girl, one team mate asked him “Where? in which direction…” he left his chair and said “I am gonna check whether she is release version 1.0 or 2.0”. I know, now you must be wondering what does release version 1.0 or 2.0 means w.r.t a girl. Well, release version 1.0 means a unmarried girl so there are more chances to date her apart from the possibility that she is already having a boy friend or not, release version 2.0 means a married girl who become a lady so chances to date her is negligible.
All the guys who saw her were curious and all were trying to find out answer of one question which is “does she came for a interview or to join our project ?” and answer of this question depends in which room she went to i.e. if she is in a room where managers conduct interview than she is for interview and if she is in a room of big boss then she is definitely joining the project.
In the mean time our colleague came back and said “Guys, get back to work, she is 2.0 and came for a interview and yeah….she is Lady in the Gogs”…..oh man….c’mon…. this was the reaction of our team.I know this is a stupid thing but it is within all of us.
There is also one thing in IT offices, if a girl is really good looking than you will find this in first glance but if a girl is not really good looking and when you saw her then following things happen:-
Day 1: Ahaan, New girl.
Day 2: She is not good looking.
Day 3: She is Okay but not that much good looking.
Day 7:  She is Okay but not that much good looking.
Day 8: Okay, she is not good looking but she is a nice girl.
Day 9: C’mon man, I talked to her, she is a nice girl.
Day 20: Although she is not beautiful but she is really nice, intelligent and fun to be with girl.You will definitely get impressed if you talk to her.
Day 21: You will forget what you said in first seven days for this girl.
Day 25: You are trying to get some moments with her may be a coffee in pantry or just some project related talks.
Day 30: You will slightly fall for her but not completely (still at safe place).
Bottom line: You think a particular girl is not very beautiful but if you start seeing/interacting her every day then your views about that girl will change.
I believe this is a story of every IT house when a girl or Lady in the Gogs or may be without Gogs walks down the floor.


  1. Nice n very true... enjoyed reading it... :)

  2. Bhai Ankit ,

    Its really true what u have written , But i am wondering at two points,if u dont mind please let me know.

    1)Who was that girl , who entered into ur cabin , As of i know ur floor has restricted access for other employees. so is it from your group, then i must say u guys are enjoying it.

    2)Who was the guy ,have seen the girl first , as u said . Is it K,H,or S..............

  3. @Satya:-

    1. Actually, many people comes to the floor for a final round of their interview from big boss of our floor so u knw.... :)

    2.He was H.