Sunday, May 30, 2010

How to Check out Chromosome XX

***Disclaimer: Intention of this post is not to hurt any ones feeling. Chro XX please don’t get furious take it as just for laugh instead. You will be smiling after reading this post.***

We the members of ChhichCom (Chhichhora Community is a group of chhichoras that was formally founded in Southern part of  India, Chennai) never leave a single chance to stare or check out a damsel and we all act as wing man (like Barney Stinson) to each other whenever Biological chromosome XX is spotted.

Below I am documenting different tricks and ways to check out Chro XX without getting noticed and looking stupid, it may be possible that some of you already know these but this will be helpful to new joiners in ChhichCom.

Golden Rule: You can not stare or check out a XX alone, you must inform your buddy/ies who are with you at that time.

Use of Mathematics:-

Pre-requisite: knowledge of angles.

Area of Use: Anywhere.


1. Hey bro, Check out the XX with short hairs sitting at 90 degrees behind you.

2. Check out the XX with Goggles on her head sitting at 45 degrees to your left.

Use of  Cutlery items:-

Pre-requisite: knowledge of eating by knife.

Area of Use: Restaurants,parties.


1. Hey bro, Check out the XX with short hairs sitting at 90 degrees behind you.

Now, you don’t have to turn around while you are eating. Take your knife in your hand and put in such position so that you can see behind your back from the knife itself. If you are not able to see by your knife than ask your wing man to do so.

Use of Mirrors:-

Pre-requisite: Mirror or glass should be available around you.

Area of Use: Road,trains.


1. If you are inside train and there is a XX in your coupe than see her through the Mirror installed on the window, this way your eyes will not get caught by fellow passengers.

2. If you are in traffic and a XX is inside a vehicle like Auto-rickshaw or car, adjust your side mirror to have a glance of her.

Use Of Camera:-

Pre-requisite: Mobile/Digital camera with zoom functionality.

Area of Use: Anywhere.


Take out your digital camera and try to take photo of some object (it should look like you are taking a photo).Look at XX through its eye piece or in your mobile screen, zoom at desired level as per requirement.

Other general tips:-

1. If you want to get a feel of how a girl looks, make one quick glance and check to see if she's looking your way. If she is not, look again and look up and down fairly quickly (not too fast cause you won't gain any info, but not so slow that everyone notices) and then turn away.

2. Wait until she's busy. There's a great chance she won't catch you looking at her when she isn't paying attention or busy in something.

3. Take the help of a wing man. Guys never hunt alone anyway, so when you want to check out girls without their noticing, your buddies become your best defense. Sit next to each other at the bar/resto and face each other while having a conversation. While you may appear to be looking at your friend, you're really checking out the girls behind him.

4. Just look. Sometimes the best way to look innocent is just to go for it. Have a peek and check out the girl. She may not be used to such a direct look and either she'll think that you're looking at someone else.

I hope above methods/ways/tricks will help you to check out a XX next time. I may write a second part of this post once I have some more ideas about checking out a chromosome XX with out looking stupid. I am trying to act like a wing man to all members of ChhichCom. Let’s all seek blessings from the world’s greatest, Legendary and most awesome wing man Barney Stinson and let’s jump in the field.

It’s gonna be Legen……wait for it…..dary…….

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