Monday, April 5, 2010

Save Water and Save Life

Save Water and Save Life, this is the most common slogan on the internet these days but how many of us are following it? We all know there are sl

several ways by which we can save water but are we actually saving it? To make people more aware and again remind about this slogan Art Of Living (AOL is an organization whose members are actively doing the efforts to serve the humanity,recently Honourable Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji initiated the massive clean-up operation of the river Yamuna as part of the Meri Dilli Meri Yamuna campaign in which 20,000 people turned up to clean Yamuna banks on 17th March, takes up a initiative and they launched a rally in our society Shipra Sun City. They were carrying many drawings of after effects when scarcity of water will get start.People watching them got inspired but for very few minutes.I think we all should take it very seriously and do small efforts to save water.Come on yaar…we all can do some thing by not being so lazy.

We can keep few things in mind like:-

1. During brushing your teethes, turn off the tap.

2. Make sure your taps are tight enough so that they do not leak water droplets from it.

3. Use shaving mug instead of running water.

4. Try to use the water which is non useable to you.

5. During cleaning your dishes, don’t turn your tap to full.

6. Don’t throw your glass left of drinking water, drink it completely because over 1 Billion people world wide lake safe drinking water.

I can list down many more ways to save water but you are the only one who can ask yourself and your family members to save water,save life.We are only responsible for our future so Please wake up and do some thing to save mother earth.

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