Monday, April 5, 2010

Mixed Feelings

Today was quite a different Sunday among other Sundays. Today I did a big deal of my up till life, I booked a roof (to hide my head below it) in Noida.Behind this deal many discussions were involved with parents,relatives and sales agents. I never imagined that I need to get in to so minute details before doing anything but it was a great experience as now I am aware about each and every thing which are included in buying a roof for yourself.

I was having a bag of mixed feelings in mind, in my thoughts when I handed over the check of booking amount to the sales agent. I was happy to feel that after 27 months I will have keys in my hand of my own house and on the other hand I was asking my loving God to help me out with all the payment instalments and payment related stuff. I was dreaming about the things which I will do in my own house and on the other hand I also realized that very soon my five figure monthly salary is going to reduce by the deductions of bank instalments.

I never imagined that I am going to experience all these things in this age of mine.Thanks to my family (especially my Paa) for supporting me.

Keeping my fingers crossed to get all good things and respected God’s grace.

Wow!! three posts in a single day.

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